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Generation Y: We Are Young Not Stupid

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Why I Am Embarrassed By My Own Generation

In the light of the horrible event that was the Boston Marathon bombings I must first say that my prayers and deepest sympathies go out to all those affected. And for the rest of us, I say, we must not jump to conclusions. We must not blame specific races, countries or religious groups. We must take it for what it is. But we also must use our own brains and not be afraid to live our lives. ...more

Generation Y: On Stereotypes

I was browsing my blog reader while at my internship today and came across this article: How to think like the next generation. Which, of course, led me to What gen Yers don't know about themselves. As I read the slightly condescendingly worded article, I found myself wondering if I was part of Generation Y....more

How to Retain Millennials in the Workplace

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Adventures in Growing Up: Salary Negotiation

I've never really negotiated my salary before. In part, that's because the only job I've ever been offered for that I realized had a too-low starting salary was my first one out of college, and I was in no place to refuse any work at that point. In part, though, it's been because the idea of negotiation makes me uncomfortable. With women still at something less than 80 cents to the male dollar, it's a big deal. ...more

I'm out of work at present yet I turned down a job recently because their offer was way too low. ...more

Women of Generation X and Y Survey

This short survey is being conducted by a group of students from the University of North Florida to study the lifestyle and habits of women from generation X and Y. The survey only asks these six simple questions. - Are you a female between the ages of 25-34? If so... 1. How would you describe your style: sexy, fashion forward, individualist, and brand reputation?...more

Modern Girls. Modern Problems - How in the hell to find a job!

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Signs you've had too much to drink...

There you are...Saturday night, looking fierce, and...damnit you're drinking a bit too much lil' sister! You're cut off when:- Any solid support beam in the bar becomes a stripper pole.- Your mantra starts to become "I'm not drunk."- You become a liquid lesbian making out with the same sex for attention.- The D-bag in the bar becomes "a cool guy."- You take off your shoes....more

A Note to You Little Sister...

Despite what you hear little sister, you will not find love in the club nor can you blame it on the alcohol - though you sure can try!...more