Wild Heaven {On Earth} : A Look at the Spiritual Side of Beer in the South

Off Covington Highway at the bottom of a dead-end dirt road, opposite the old-timey car mechanic on your left, Wild Heaven's newly opened tasting room and brew space is waiting.It's a typical Georgia summer, hot and humid and punctuated with sudden downpours. It rained yesterday. And the day before. Eric Johnson, Wild Heaven's brewmaster, is prepping their Fall seasonal, a Marzen brewed with mission figs....more

Friday Faves: 13th Colony Clay

Friday Faves: 13th Colony Clay There's something super special about flowers in a house...especially in the springtime. I love the color and fragrance they add to a home...and there's a certain "homey" feeling that they add as well....more

Stories of survivors portrayed by journalists in Georgia

Ahead of World Press Freedom Day, a story from Georgia, where actors and playwrights are using interactive verbatim theatre to perform real-life stories produced by journalists trained at a UN Women workshop on gender-sensitive reporting. ...more

Sunday Musings

BlogHer – NaBloPoMo – March 2014Sunday MusingsThe past weekend was great! My middle daughter, along with her five-year-old son and seven-week-old daughter, were visiting from Kentucky. On Saturday morning, my youngest daughter, and her seven-month-old son, came in from Georgia, and spent the weekend. I felt so blessed to have two of my daughters and three of my grandchildren for an entire weekend....more

Sea Island

As I mentioned, I was away in Georgia recently for a week.  My mom, sister, sister-in-law, niece, and I rented a house in Sea Island and had a really lovely trip.  My grandmother and aunt were supposed to join us and unfortunately couldn't at the last minute, but everything else went off without a hitch.  I'm stealing liberally from the pictures my family took, because they took more, better pictures than I did!...more

Cheddar's Casual Cafe

Cheddar's1195 Dawsonville Hwy  Gainesville, Georgia 30501(678) 450-4510...more

Scenes from Cumberland Island

After enjoying a day at Cumberland Island, I spent the next day painting with good friends.  I love that I am getting back into color and rougher looking paintings.  Just before I left St. Augustine, where I was staying with friends, I stopped by the Hobby Lobby and picked up more paint.  Can't wait to get to work!   ...more
@Denise  Thank you!  It was such a wonderful trip to the seashore.  Sorry for the late ...more

Spring Adventures at Cumberland Island

By the time my friend and I boarded the ferry to return to Historic St. Marys, we were exhausted.  Cumberland Island had proved to be more vast that we had thought, but we enjoyed exploring every inch that we could. When we arrived at Cumberland Island at the Seacamp Dock around 10, and even though it was late March, the temperature was in the low forties and extremely windy.  We were determined not to let to temperature put a damper on our day....more

Hey Y'all...Watch This!!

My son Matthew has never been one to sit back and let life pass him by. He has always been busy doing something…being the Captain of the high school ice hockey team, or when he went through his skateboarding phase, or when he learned to play the guitar (“Hey mom, have you ever heard of a band called Pink Floyd?”) or whatever, he’s always stayed busy…and there’s usually a pretty good story to go along with it.So one day when he brought some clothes home that desperately needed to be washed or just thrown away, I knew there would be a pretty funny explanation....more

Are Georgia's Shocking Anti-Obesity Ads Going to Work?

Georgia is trying to address the childhood obesity epidemic plaguing the state with an ad campaign that features obese children and lines such as, "Obesity takes the fun out of being a kid," "It's hard to be a little girl when you're not" and "Big bones didn't make me this way, big meals did." These billboards and television spots, created as part of Strong4Life, an awareness initiative by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, have generated a great deal of controversy. Will they work? ...more
i think such ads won't work what we need is hard work regular diet plan for anti obesity more