The Gift of Dynamite

 It gets me every time.I don't know exactly why. Maybe it's the way he's so earnest and concentrated.Maybe it's because it is such a bizarre and true act of friendship.Maybe it's because it's such a statement. Every time.He dances, I cry....more

Your Guide to Faux Fur: The Look of The Season

Faux fur, and especially faux fur vests, are THE hottest look of the season and available everywhere. These funky accessories can be dressed up with a sheer blouse and kicky skirt with heels or worn casually with jeans and boots - but however you wear it, now's the time to get one or gift one.Herewith, the faux fur vest, to get, to give, from low to high!...more
The hat and bolero are cute. :) The only fake fur I'll be wearing this winter is on the cuff of ...more

5 Christmas Gifts that Mean Everyone Knows about Your Problems

1. Eddie Bauer Portable Collapsible ShovelEddie Bauer Small Collapsible Shovel...more

Cute Ways to Give Cash

Got a teenager or someone else who really wants cold, hard cash this holiday? I personally hate giving money and love receiving it. Aren't I nice? I can sort of reconcile myself to giving money if I can at least be cute about it, which is why I pulled together this list of money-holding devices that can help you feel a little less like an ATM this holiday season. ...more

The Gift of Sidewalks

***A little housekeeping first: yes, I am insane and signed on for another month of daily blogging. The theme this month is GIFT. Of course this leaves a lot of room for interpretation in my book. Anyway, I shall endeavor to present a gift for every day in December. Think of it as a kind of crazy advent blog or something. You'll have to provide your own chocolate, though. Now, on with the show...***...more

live in the moment... breathe

YIKES! IT’S DECEMBER!!! This season is really what we choose to make it isn’t it? If you like crowds and franticness, it’s just outside the door. If you’d rather avoid the chaos, you can shop online and wait for things to come to you.Here a few gift ideas for your own Christmas list, or your daughter, mother, girlfriend......more

Christmas drives me insane

I have never been shopping on Black Friday, and don’t plan on changing that. I’m not a fan of the crowds and to be honest, Christmas drives me in insane anyway. People spend so much money on Christmas! And that’s fine if you have a lot of money to spend on it …. I usually do not.Plus, there’s an upside to being an adult with a job: If I want something, I usually buy it. When Christmas comes around and I am asked what I’d like for Christmas I usually don’t even know what to say....more

Mamaw's Christmas Shopping List, Unplugged

I am the grandma (aka “Mamaw”) of 5 grandchildren.  Of course, they are the most brilliant, talented, and good-looking children on the planet.  5 boys – ages 9 months to 6 years. ...more
Nanny of 7 agrees !more

Travel Gifts

Right on schedule, millions of Americans will travel this holiday season, but many of us travel all year long and could use some help - mentally, emotionally, recreationally - getting through the process. Here are a few gift suggestions for that loved one on your list who always calls you from the airport or car and is forever en route: Image: Mark Rightmire/The Orange County Register via ZUMA Press. ...more