Christmas drives me insane

I have never been shopping on Black Friday, and don’t plan on changing that. I’m not a fan of the crowds and to be honest, Christmas drives me in insane anyway. People spend so much money on Christmas! And that’s fine if you have a lot of money to spend on it …. I usually do not.Plus, there’s an upside to being an adult with a job: If I want something, I usually buy it. When Christmas comes around and I am asked what I’d like for Christmas I usually don’t even know what to say....more

Mamaw's Christmas Shopping List, Unplugged

I am the grandma (aka “Mamaw”) of 5 grandchildren.  Of course, they are the most brilliant, talented, and good-looking children on the planet.  5 boys – ages 9 months to 6 years. ...more
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Travel Gifts

Right on schedule, millions of Americans will travel this holiday season, but many of us travel all year long and could use some help - mentally, emotionally, recreationally - getting through the process. Here are a few gift suggestions for that loved one on your list who always calls you from the airport or car and is forever en route: Image: Mark Rightmire/The Orange County Register via ZUMA Press. ...more

Unique Handmade Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Christmas will be here before you know it. And while it's usually the big gifts we tend to give the most thought to, don't forget the little things for stuffing those stockings! There's no reason stocking stuffers need to be everyday and droll. Take a little time to browse and purchase something fun for the most unique stocking stuffers ever. Here are a few ideas for terrific, handmade stocking stuffers I've discovered. ...more
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A Very Stylish Under $25 Holiday Gift Guide

Some fun and relatively inexpensive picks for those uber-stylish friends and family members you never know just what to get for. Whether alone, in addition to another gift, or even just as a stocking stuffer, any of these gifts will ensure a smile upon opening. Happy Holidays! Live What You Love print $12.75 ...more
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Just got an email from my credit card company asking me to pledge to “shop small” this holiday season. My first thought was that this is a clever way to endear people like me: you won’t catch me lining up outside WalMart at 5 a.m. to fill my cart.On closer reading, however, the company wants to reward you for…spending money. That’s right: show your support of the anti-Black Friday crowd by buying something.On the face of it, you support the community by “spending small.” Just plunk down $25 on your credit card to be part of the cool crowd....more

The "Precision Shopper" Will Rule This Holiday Season

By Lauren Brill, Guest Contributor...more

The Gift of Comments

The greatest gift you can give a blogger isn't a new computer or a year-long membership to self-host their site. It isn't an Droid Razr or an iPhone 4S so they can blog on the go (though I certainly wouldn't turn down an iPhone... just saying). It's something simple and free that you can send out even at 11:59 pm on Christmas Eve and they'll still have it by Christmas morning. ...more
Being a a day old Blogger, I am stumbling my way through until I can get better acquainted with ...more

Occupy the Holidays

It's getting closer to the holidays and after spending all night watching live feeds from Occupy Wall Street, I have some great gift ideas for your favorite Occupier!...more
I kinda would like one of those survival suits...more

Holiday Gifts for the Digitally Career-Minded

With the holidays arriving, even some of the most career-minded among us look forward to some time off (or at least more fun between workdays.) With a little thought, it's possible to send the worker bees in your life back to the office after the holiday with a thoughtful gift or two. And while it's nice to snag the shiniest new digital tablet, it's also possible to think beyond the iPad. (Although please Santa bring me one? Thanks.)...more
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