Mother’s day Handcrafted gifts ideas!

Appreciation for a Mom: We’re reminding you of Mother’s day again and again as Mother’s Day happens to be just around the corner, and we hope you’ve decided on a gift to appreciate her.We’re here to help you by providing few great handcrafted gift ideas! ...more

May 13th is Mother’s Day, are you ready?

May 13th is Mother’s Day, are you ready? Yes, I've already gotten a perfect gift for my MOM...more

5 Love Languages: Receiving Gifts

 How do you let your loved ones know they are loved? By speaking their "love language!" Find out how to speak the love language of "Receiving Gifts" and show how deeply you love them-today! I'm sure we've all heard of The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman, every person has a specific way that makes them feel REALLY loved, the 5 love languages are:Words of AffirmationReceiving GiftsPhysical TouchQuality Time...more

Play Cupid: Gifts from the Heart

By: LeeAnn SollmanFebruary. The month of love. The month that every girl in a relationship looks forward to like an end of season sale. The month that every single gal dreads like the freshmen fifteen. But why?...more

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts You Can Craft and Give

Whether you're on a budget or simply want to give the gift of handmade this Valentine's Day, here is a lovely collection of DIY Valentine's Day gift ideas to get your started on giving the perfect gift for that someone special....more

3 Must Have Kids Toys

   I am a meticulous shopper. I do all my research before buying anything, and I  put a lot of thought into my purchases. The following three items are absolute must haves for a toddler.  Some kids recieved these for the holidays. But in the event your little one missed out, you can still make it up....more

The Gift of Rebirth

Because of the cycles of the moon and what some Gregorians a whole long time ago determined, a new year starts tomorrow. It's a time for reflection today, resolution tomorrow. Of all the winter holidays, it's my favorite. I don't believe in waiting for the official new year for resolutions, but I like that the whole world takes a breath and thinks about it at least one day of the year. I also don't believe in the traditional sorts of resolutions: lose weight, quit smoking, read more, whatever....more

The Gift of Innocence

The dinner music of choice this evening was the only Christmas album I will allow in my house: The Reverend Horton Heat's We Three Kings. For the uninitiated, The Reverend delivers up a selection of Christmas favorites in his surf rock, rockabilly style. They are soaked in bourbon and disillusionment and lost innocence and, in my humble opinion, go a long way to capture the actual spirit of the holiday season....more

My Holiday Anomaly

  I have a secret that surfaces around the holidays.  I genuinely don't want anything material for Christmas.  I become uncomfortable when people ask me what I want to get, and  I've never really made any sort of gift wishlists.  I think that this offends people or that people think I'm only trying to be difficult and spoil their gift buying, but I don't want anything that you can buy in a store.  It bothers me when retailers gear up for the holiday buying frenzy in August.  It bothers me when people boast that they've gotten all their holiday shopping fin...more
Time is the perfect gift to have throughout the year. It is by making time we can appreciate the ...more

After Christmas Frugal Tips

Post Christmas shopping is a great way to do some frugal planning.  Here are a few tips to consider before you shop:1.  Wrapping paper.  Try to get wrapping paper in a solid color such as red or gold.  That way, it can be used year round for whatever you need to wrap!2.  Bows.  Instead of just seasonal colors, try to find bags of assorted colors.  Again, you can use them all year!...more