Wine and Chocolate - A Perfect Pair

You know that line from Jerry Maguire “You had me at hello” (pre-couch jumping days for Tom Cruise)?...more

Our Valentine’s Gift To You – FREE PORN!

Valentine's Day 2011 is so close! How exciting! While I'm sure all you lovely ladies are expecting stellar gifts from your special somebodies (including yourselves!), we here at HotMoviesForHer thought we should get you a little somethin' somethin' as well....more

5 Ways to Bring Sexy to Your Valentine


How Sweet It Is, Valentines Gifts With Meaning

Happy Hump Day Mamas! Kimberly is on her way to Boston to meet with the always amazing leaders at Room to Grow who make everyday a sweet one for some very special moms and expecting moms in Boston.  I am at home giving Kimberly a hand with a project on one of her other jobs, like children, she can't just have one.  Or three.  Or four;) We should all be blessed with that much energy!!!! How do you do it all Kim??...more

Boycotting Valentine’s Day

I told my boyfriend, Mr. Wonderful, that we’re to not exchange Valentine’s gifts this year. None. It’s not that I don’t love a good present. Truth is, one of my favorite things is to unwrap a surprise treat, no matter what it is, and especially when it’s meant as a token of love....more

Valentines Day: Do You Love It Or Hate It?

Are you one of those women who LOVES Valentine's Day? Does this holiday make your head spin with possibilities? Or, are you like me and find the entire holiday a waste of time? I got married pretty late, when I was 35. That meant I spent many, many Valentine's Days single and alone. Sometimes I had a boyfriend, but it didn't always equate to a fabulous, roses-filled Valentine's Day. More often than not, the relationship wasn't right and Valentine's Day was just a painful reminder of that fact. Now that I'm married, I  STILL dislike this holiday....more

Valentine's Day, Special Day or Farce

Is it a real special day or is it a farce so stores can profit? Stores have been staging for this holiday since January. Red and white everywhere as well as heart shaped chocolate boxes. For some, it may be special if you have a significant other to spend it with. Others that do not, just hate spending the day alone. No admirers, no flowers, left with the emotion that no one really cares. Well, not everyone. I used to hate spending the holiday on my own in my single days. No flowers to show off and no chocolates to enjoy....more

What Women Want

So, you’ve messed up again.  You’re likely to mess up again or, as yet, still have no idea what I am talking about.  It is Valentine’s season and I’m talking to you men.  A day which has never been particularly lucky for me, but more of that another time....more

Romantic Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

If I am to be honest, Valentine’s Day is a far bigger deal for my daughters than it is for my husband and me. It seems that the school enjoys promoting this should-be celebration of undying love between two lovers as a vehicle to express friendship between classmates....more

The two gifts you WANT to have returned

The gifts of love and friendship.Always returnable, never a wait in line or a hassle at the counter.No rude salesclerks or paperwork to fill out....more