My Greatest Christmas Gift!

As 2011 winds down and a New Year looms ahead, many of us will look toward the future with hope, resolutions, and aspirations.We'll choose not to look back at a year of struggle and decline, choosing instead, to forge a new path for brighter days. I'm all for New Year's resolutions, a brand new year and brighter days on the horizon, truly I am. But, oftentimes we should look back and reflect on the year before in all of its triumphs and struggles....more

A Taste of Honey

I was in my late teens and Mother's Day was coming.  I had no clue what to get for her, and I was just out browsing around hoping that something would speak to me.  After not having much luck, I went into the card store, figuring I could at least get a nice card in the meantime.So I was selecting a card when I saw this cute little musical doll.  It looked like a ragdoll with a little flowery dress and matching hat.  And it was singing. ...more

A Grade A Fresh for Birchbox Beauty

By: Sunny ChoiBack in the day, the milkman would leave fresh bottles of milk on your doorstep every morning.  Fast forward to the 21st century.  Not only can you have perishable groceries delivered in a matter of hours,...more

Give Yourself the Gift of a Self-Hosted Blog

You've been thinking about it, I know you have. You eye those people's blogs who have a url sans Wordpress or Blogspot, and you wonder if you should do the same. You know, self-host. Maybe it's just low on your priorities list and you're busy. Maybe you're overwhelmed with the idea of self-hosting. But this is the time of year to give yourself a gift, and I'm going to encourage you with this gift guide to give yourself the gift of self-hosting. ...more
I recommend @thefrillycoconut. She is fabulous and was patient with me. And while I still ...more

Holiday Shopping Linkstravaganza

Christmas is only 11 days away. I'm one of those people who plans for Christmas all year round (making little notes when someone casually mentions something they'd love to have) but procrastinates when it comes to actually pulling the trigger... er, buying presents. Obviously no matter how much I'd like to get some people a bullet to the head (I should probably just stop writing now) I'm not shooting anyone for the holidays. So, now that things between you and me are as weird as they can get, let me share some of the places I like to shop around on the web for gifts! ...more

This Holiday Gift Could Really Backfire!

I think it's the perfect gift for the holidays.  But how will my son react when he finds out where I'll be sending him for the next five days?...more
@BeyondSiri Please do! I think it is a wonderful surprise! My oldest sister is an artist - it ...more


I have always though of myself as a fairly down to earth kind of girl, though I was once called "spoiled" by one of my girlfriends.  Granted, that was a long time ago, but I remember how shocked I was that anyone would perceive me as spoiled.  Once I joined her in the divorce category, and got a full-time job she was a lot nicer to me.  But,  here's the thing:  I want presents.  Please don't make...more
I like a goofy surprise too! I'm looking forward to a new penguin Pajama set! My mom buys me a ...more

The Most Frugal Gift of All

What could it be?  Your love and your time.  There are a multitude of ways you can give of yourself without spending a dime.Visit a friend.  If you haven't seen them in a while, just the sight of your face will be a gift.  Conversation with a friend is a priceless gift.Stop by the home of an elderly friend and clean their baseboards.  Sounds too simple, doesn't it?  But think how difficult that one chore can be for someone getting up in years. ...more

The Gift of My Dear Friend's Catch Phrases

If I were a tree and beneath my branches lay gifts adorned in lovely holiday fare, I would hide the small collection wrapped in gilded sheets of friendship tied with bows of years together....more

A Tip For Tuesday

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home A Tip For Tuesday   Some easy-peasy diy gifts for the hopelessly uncrafty:Flat-iron holder made out of a potholder....more