What Women Want

So, you’ve messed up again.  You’re likely to mess up again or, as yet, still have no idea what I am talking about.  It is Valentine’s season and I’m talking to you men.  A day which has never been particularly lucky for me, but more of that another time....more

Romantic Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

If I am to be honest, Valentine’s Day is a far bigger deal for my daughters than it is for my husband and me. It seems that the school enjoys promoting this should-be celebration of undying love between two lovers as a vehicle to express friendship between classmates....more

The two gifts you WANT to have returned

The gifts of love and friendship.Always returnable, never a wait in line or a hassle at the counter.No rude salesclerks or paperwork to fill out....more

The most memorable gift of the year

Reverb10 challenges me today to write about the most memorable gift I've given or received in 2010. By far, it would have to be this, which is not an iPad: ...more

Organizing Christmas Decorations Now Means Less Chaos Next Year

Now that Christmas is finished, we are faced with the daunting task of putting away all the decorations. Usually, it's just a stash and dash type of method (do you remember the chaos it was when you unpacked everything this year?) but, there are some things that can make next year's decorating less stressful. Before you start putting decorations away, really look at the decorations you didn't use this year....more

I appreciate your post as I was just thinking of how to do this best in my own home this week. I ...more

Boxer Day or Boxing Day?

This holiday season, there is a battle raging on the internet, and it has nothing to do with Julian Assange against all the governments on earth.  Instead, it's a dog fight with so many pawns & paws, you don't know quite on whom to put your money....more

Christmas Morning Rendezvous with: The Love that is Bestowed

Everywhere we go in this holiday season, we see gift boxes.  Boxes under the tree, boxes under "Season's Greetings" banners,  and boxes on the store shelves… They sure make a Christmas tree looks festive!   But what are  these boxes  trying to deliver?  We wonder… things people want? Or is it  love that they wish to deliver?  What if we open each box with the joy of receiving love and not the expectation of “  the things?”...more

Irreverent Italy - Gift Guide for Italy Lovers

If you still don't know what to get that Italophile in your life, or yourself - I've selected a few choice picks of Tante Belle Cose in the Book & Media Dept.  They'll put a smile on your face, so go ahead - get one for yourself this holiday season. ...more


Today I hobbled from store to store in a Santa hat, my elderly behaviour contrasting my childlike appearance....more

Christmas Memories

It wouldn't be the holidays without a retrospect of Christmases past.  After talking with my husband I realize that I don't have as many memories of Christmas as I would like. I'm sure we celebrates, but not like most American families. You see, my parents are foreign, they are from Croatia. My dad worked second and third shifts when we were kids because it paid more. I remember some of our parties with out Croatian families who lived in the city...but I have very little memories of Christmas - well other than being dragged out to midnight mass every year....more