3rd Annual Festival of Bliss

Join us this Friday and Saturday night to discover happiness, learn about buddhism, see and hear live entertainment and do some holiday shopping for eclectic and unique gifts....more

Slowly But Surely

Jay had the day off so we went to the mall and I wasn't even drunk. I know, crazy talk, right? It was crowded, but not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be, and we made a nice little dent in the girls' Christmas lists. When we got home there was a package from Amazon waiting for me from my sis and inside were two DVDs that made me scream with joy: Xanadu and The Money Pit. These were childhood staples and please do not tell me if you haven't seen them as it would break my heart....more

Gift Guide for the Men

If the men in your life (husband, boyfriend, dad, brother, older son…) are anything like mine,  I know that I can forget about getting a Christmas list from them. After 24 years of marriage I have finally stopped asking for one from my husband. I just need to be really creative…...more

are you "wired" for the hoidays?

Terrific Holiday Gifts for Kids With Special Needs

Our family's holiday traditions include: nightly panic over conjuring surprises for the 24 tiny drawers in my kids' advent box, sending holiday postcards weeks after Christmas to a random one-third of the folks we love -- and answering queries from family and friends about holiday gifts for Leo, our ten-year-old son with autism. ...more
It was recently reported that 1 in 8 children will be affected by autism. A friend of mine is ...more

Gift Guide for Animal Lovers

I'm not big on holiday gifts for animals as I've noticed they don't keep calendars. Also, every cat I've ever known has been an atheist and in one case, a Nietzschean, so I save money not buying dime bags of catnip wrapped in red bows. And what cat doesn't view the sudden appearance of a bejeweled giant tree in the house as a personal gift anyway? Instead, I've put together a list of holiday gifts for animal-loving humans…humans that see the big picture, or just need a nudge. ...more

Heifer International is just one of the coolest organizations in the world - and by far my ...more

Cozy Little Luxuries to Give

The weather is chilly -- even down here in Florida we're hitting some freezing temps -- and when there's a chill in the air, there's no better gift than something warm and soft and cozy and gorgeous. And I've rounded up four lovely cold weather items that are all luxurious but also affordable, between $50 and $100. ...more

I agree with you...I def can't afford $ 95 for a circle scarf..but I have seen them at regualr ...more

The Greatest Gift

                When I was a little girl my dad would read books to each of us kids. I recall listening as he read the Wizard of Oz series to my sister, and not listening when he read whatever books my brother selected. When it was my turn it was usually one of two books I remember him reading: "The Wind in the Willows," and "Mrs....more

Thanks for your recommendation. There have been many spin-offs of the Wizard of Oz series and ...more

Getting Kids Addicted to Giving

Drives me bonkers when people talk talk talk about giving but don't actually get their tuchus in motion - financially, physically, and specifically with their kids. Our children are not going to gain appreciation for those less fortunate or the extreme needs that exist in our world unless they are engaged in a very active way. Watching parents write a check is not going to do it. They'll roll their eyes. After spending far too much money on groceries that were pushed around the plates on Thanksgiving, I was anxious to find a way to get my children actively involved....more