Occupy the Holidays

It's getting closer to the holidays and after spending all night watching live feeds from Occupy Wall Street, I have some great gift ideas for your favorite Occupier!...more
I kinda would like one of those survival suits...more

Holiday Gifts for the Digitally Career-Minded

With the holidays arriving, even some of the most career-minded among us look forward to some time off (or at least more fun between workdays.) With a little thought, it's possible to send the worker bees in your life back to the office after the holiday with a thoughtful gift or two. And while it's nice to snag the shiniest new digital tablet, it's also possible to think beyond the iPad. (Although please Santa bring me one? Thanks.)...more
Okay that was supposed to say picks! Photography on the brain.more

Holiday Gifts for Pets

According to a recent poll, over half of American pet owners will buy pet gifts for the holidays, spending an average of $46 per gift. These animals can expect to receive primarily food and treats, followed by bedding, clothing, leash/collar/harness and grooming products. (What, no toys?) Also, one can assume that some lucky pets will receive more than one gift which is another version of Cute Overload....more
but of course!more

Paper Flowers

I saw a simple tutorial for paper flowers via Pintrest and decided to give it a try. The best thing about this project was that there was no measuring or folding required. Simply cut out irregular and haphazard circles and then roll. Plus, I had all of the supplies already on hand. Instead of a vase, I put the flowers in a reusable coffee mug since Erin has a love for warm beverages....more

A Family Christmas Box

My sister Cher and I were brainstorming about Christmas gifts for our children and grandchildren. The truth is...the older we get, the more family we have! So, obviously, the list gets longer. We used to do "boxes" for our daughters. Placemats, cologne, candles....etc. Then, there were the granddchildren, sons or son in laws.We decided to do a "family" box.Here is our list, so far:candlesplacematscolognefamily games that they can all play togetherdishtowelsBath and Body handsoap for all bathroomsbags of candy...more


When Did Birthday Gifts For Ten Year Olds Become So Expensive?

How many of you remember back during the days of celebrating birthdays and your proud parents gift giving on your special day? I remember when I was a preteen and the am/fm hand held radio I received for Christmas made me the happiest girl on the planet! The ten speed bicycle became a thrill ride for my brothers LOL and life went on breezy, glorious and uncomplicated. Parents made their children proud on those special birthdays and holidays. My, how things have changed! Recently, one of my granddaughters celebrated her 10th birthday....more
DSI for all of you techi-challenged grandmoms like myself:)more

Help Eliminate Clutter – Stop Buying Useless Gifts

This blog post may not help the economy but it will help reduce clutter! We buy and receive gifts for many occasions – birthdays, Christmas, weddings, baby showers, and even sometimes “just because”.  The gifts may be given with love, be very thoughtful or just the perfect item.  Don’t get me wrong; I love to give and receive gifts… certain gifts.  Think about the last gift you gave. ...more

New Art and Print Cards by Akemanartist

I have been busy with new art and new ideas. A lot of my friends on Kaboodle LOVE this Rockin' Sea Turtle I did.http://www.etsy.com/listing/76616184/rockin-sea-turtle...more