Dear Santa: A Parent's Un-wish List

Dear Santa, Some time in the next few days, you will receive a letter detailing an extensive list of wishes from my children. Before acting on it in any manner, please carefully consider my preemptive list of un-wishes. ...more

My son received the game Battleship for Christmas. I've already lost count of how many of those ...more

The Spirit of Giving (Too Much?)

Years ago, I attended a friend's wedding that had lots of elements of questionable taste. One of them: The wedding invitation. Tucked inside was a note reading, "Because we are blessed to have everything we need, in lieu of gifts please make a donation to our favorite charities X or Y. Make the checks payable to us and we will distribute the money evenly." ...more

I can definitely understand that. I once worked at a job where shortly after starting, was ...more

10 Fantastic iPad Apps for Kids With Autism

If you need a last-minute gift for a kid with autism, and that kid has an iDevice (iPad or iPod touch), consider hitting the iTunes store and gifting that child an app or two. Then, consider choosing apps that focus on fun as much as or even instead of communication and learning. Apps that encourage kids to use the iPad the way they want to, to play like the children they are. (Apps that just happen to all cost less than $3.)   ...more

Thanks for the great article. I have recently decided to combine my passions for children with ...more

Perfect food gifts for a passionate Veronique

Perfect food gifts for a passionate Veronique Of course Christmas is coming and you are going to get some gifts. That's inevitable, whether it is from your coworker, your aunt, your neighbour or Santa, you will be a receiver of a unknown object (sometime suspicious) and you will have to be surprised, contempt, ecstatic, or disappointed and doubtful....more

Gift of Sarcasm

 We took the girls Christmas shopping for one another the other day. Kallan had $20.00 to spend on her sister.  Nine-year-old Kallan loves to buy gifts for people, and she likes to get it right.  She scoured the mall for bargains and ended up buying:...more

Hey, it's you and you're on Blogher! We are really moving up in the world. I mean you. You ...more

The Blanket: An Unexpected Gift

Starting Fresh When I was 12, our family picked up and moved from South Central Texas to the Texas Panhandle. It had been a rough year or so for my parents. Exactly how rough it had been I'll never know, but I knew enough to know we were starting over. For my mom, the move meant going back home to family. ...more

stand out in my mind are the year of the Cabbage Patch Dolls and the year that my family lived ...more

Christmas Love

If I decorate the house with the beautiful bow of wool, flashing lights and bright gorgeous globe, but without showing love to my family, I just decorated the house.If I cook really hard in the kitchen, baking dozens of Christmas cookies, preparing delicious dishes and arranged the dinner table beautifully, but without showing love to my family, I am just a cook.If I volunteered to cook at the community, singing hymns in a nursing home and give all the wealth to char...more

Give Books From Bloggers This Season

Books are one of my favorite gifts to give. Over the last couple of years I've been able to combine my joy of giving books with the fabulous writing I see online by giving people books written by some of my favorite bloggers. There used to be a time when such books were a rarity, but now more and more bloggers are making the transition to books. Here are some recent publications that would be an excellent addition to the bookshelves of those near and dear to you. ...more

Thanks for the list. I like the idea of supporting bloggers with a writing passion. ...more

Gift Guide for Women

Are women hard to buy for? We certainly don’t think so....more

Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Photographer On Your List

From the hobbyist snapshooter to the hardcore photography nut, one thing is for sure: It's hard to go wrong with a gift of gear, gadgets and accessories related to what can be a time-consuming, expensive and utterly addictive activity. Seriously, trust me on this. So now that it's time for holiday gifting, what to buy for the photographer in your life? ...more
I so want the purple bag!! more