Vehicle Safety Items Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

It’s crunch time and if you’re still struggling with what to give a loved one, family member or friend this holiday season, the perfect gift can be an item related to vehicle safety....more

Loving gift cards as I get older

I'll admit I may have misjudged the awesomeness of gift cards when I was younger, and I'm guessing there are probably a couple of bloggers out there who might still feel the same way. "They're uncreative," I would sigh, as I fretted about what the heck to get someone for Christmas....more

No More Stuff - Give Experiences Instead

Buy this. 25% off. Spend that. Discount this. You need that. Buy 2, get 1 free. Free shipping today only.  Expires tonight. Don’t miss out. Get more stuff. And more stuff. And even more extra-glittery brand new plastic stuff. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! I can’t stand it!...more

Secret Santa Can Rescue Your Holiday Budget

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the Christmas shopping season is firing on all cylinders. According to a November Gallup poll, Americans expect to spend $714 on holiday gifts this year. Like everyone, I want to give great gifts to all of my friends. But I also don't want to break the budget. So, here is a not-so-secret method for getting through the holidays without going over budget: the Secret Santa exchange. ...more

My friends and I decided to do an un-Secret Santa exchange this year. We know who has whom, but ...more

Top 10 Gifts for Coworkers

Still need ideas for family, friends, teachers, coworkers, bloggers, zombie lovers ...more

Great list and all ideas are very affordable!more

Ten Gifts I'm Giving This Year

Whether you are a strong supporter of Black Friday, prefer to celebrate Buy Nothing Day, or support Small Business Saturday, the holiday shopping season has arrived. Do you know what you're buying? Are there still some holes in your shopping list? Can I help? I thought I'd share ten gifts that I'm giving this year -- even if it means risking the surprise for my family members who hang on every word that I write. (Hi TW! Hi mom! Hi Prince J! Hi! Hi! Hi! Nope, none of these are for you. Really. I swear!) ...more

I hope he likes it. :-)

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Countdown to the Holidays!! Fabulous Gift Giving Ideas Revealed Daily

Hi there everyone! Countdown to the Holidays... We'll be revealing a fabulous gift option everyday - Cheers! No.1 - Sephora by OPI...more

Ten Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Ten Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas This year on my mother’s side of the family, we’re doing homemade gifts for Christmas. Since I’m not the most crafty person I did some brainstorming and came up with a few good ideas that anyone can do!...more
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Resisting Black Friday