Father's Day: Under $50 Gifts for Procrastinators

Father's Day is this Sunday, June 19. What to do if you are, like me, on a budget and on a deadline? The bad news is that we only have one day to find a gift. The good news is that there are gifts that can be acquired in the next 24 hours, and under $50....more

For Father’s Day we gave Our Soldiers: 1000 Free Memberships to www.secondhalfPLAYBOOK.com ...more

Contest Giveaway - Do something for somebody everyday for which you do not get paid - Albert Schweitzer

Yesterday, I heard a sermon that was both a challenge and yet naive.  The theme was simple.  Real power is getting behind.  Getting behind another to help them take a step ahead. Numerous examples were given from Mother Teresa to Father Damien. In closing, the preacher uttered an Albert Schweitzer quote…Do something for somebody everyday for which you do not get paid.   ...more

EyeThink Inc - Unique gifts,toys,books and more for all

The Souper EyeThink Inc. has unique, affordable gifts for children and adults. Check out website as well as video of museum exhibit in Poland. A real "Wow" visual. http://eyethinkinc.com/  View interview with creator of EyeThink Inc. Browse through gift items. Something for everyone! The Souper...more

Revisiting the Seven Habits

It’s been almost a decade since I read the infamous self-help book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey, but it’s such a helpful tool that it came as no real surprise when I recently felt compelled to re-read it. As I did so, I found myself wondering if I had addressed or implemented the particular habit introduced in each new chapter....more

Have You Created Something That Is a Great Gift - and Do You Sell It?

If you created something that would make a great gift, here’s your chance to promote it for free on my gift giving blog, Quips and Tips for Giving Gifts! How will you promote, describe, advertise your product? By writing an article about it for my gift giving blog. The idea behind Quips and Tips for Giving Gifts is to help readers buy the right gifts for the right people – gifts that will be appreciated and valued! After all, what feels better than knowing you gave the best gift ever?...more

Who’s Your Mommy? Five Awesome Sex Toy Gifts for Mothers and Others

So, another Mother’s Day has come and gone, and hopefully you moms out there received something from your kids and partners that made your hearts sing. Once the primary school years have gone, and our supply of macaroni necklaces and popsicle stick picture frames no longer threatens to require a room of its own, or once the kids have grown and left the nest, what gifts we receive for Mother’s Day falls more and more on our partners....more

Ways to Say "I Love You Mom" - Mother's Day Gift Guide

How do you thank a mother for all that she does for you throughout the year? Whether your children make something at school for you (which mine do) or spend time with you (which I am thankful my teenage son does, at least one day a year), these gift ideas would show any mother just how much they are loved and appreciated....more

Postmortem: Should Men Get Gifts On Valentine's Day

Every February as Valentine’s Day approaches The Man and I argue about who the holiday is really for....more

The Burning Question: Valentine’s Day Gifts

Our First Valentine's Day DH and I started dating right after Valentine's Day a long time ago....more