5 Gifts a Feminist Wants for Christmas

There are only 5 things this feminist wants for Christmas, and they are not monetary, vain, or tangible. They are wishes and hopes and desires that I find are missing in society. They are necessary for the enlightenment and empowerment of our girls and women, and I consider them "gifts" because they need to be given from a place of goodness and mutual respect....more

10 Fun Gift Ideas to Address a Toddler's Needs (and Wants!)

This Christmas we are concentrating on lots of fun functional items. Our house is overloaded with toys, and I'm not sure we can fit much more! Bath Time...more
# 6 - love the neo-sock puppets.more

DIY Holiday Gifts: How to Make a Homemade Cookbook

This is the gift I made this holiday season that I wanted to keep for myself. But that wouldn't be fair for the originally intended recipient, now would it?  So I may be making a second one someday. Until then, I will share with you....more
I love this!  How did you decorate the 3-ring binder with scrapbook paper?more


Once a year, I reserve an entire three-day weekend -- Saturday, Sunday, Monday -- for my Christmas baking. This is that weekend, booked in advance. Even a huge achievement such as the State Finals in high school football could not lure me away from my kitchen. (I'm sure I would be amending that if my son were playing rather than filming the event; I just gave up three hours to attend one of his away basketball games.) My school is flocking to the far-off field on a first-time-ever fan bus -- and I am at home, alone, in the cold. By choice....more

FIVES on Friday- FIVE place to shop and give back

This Christmas season I have tried really hard to shop locally and to shop at non profits and organizations that give back to others.  Here are just FIVE of the many that are available.1- Beautiful and beloved- http://www.beautifulandbeloved.com- ...more

Top 10 Gifts for Teachers

At the end of the year, many parents and students wish to give teachers a token of their thanks, but they're not sure what's appropriate. The best advice I have is: know thy teacher. So, for example, if you're not certain the teacher drinks alcohol, don't offer a bottle of wine, and don't give gift certificates to a big, corporate bookstore like Borders or Barnes & Noble to someone who was petitioning the city council not to allow any more big box stores into your town because they drive out local businesses. If you're planning to bake something for your teacher, it's also important to know if your school or school district allows teachers to accept and eat home baked gifts. ...more
Loved the New Yorker cartoon idea and the personalized stationery!  I usually wait until the ...more

How to Have a Frugal Christmas

I never liked the commercialism of Christmas.  I never attended a Christian church nor desire to.  I understand it is a religious holiday and people like to celebrate with gifts, food and family.  I say "Bah Humbug!"  Let's start new traditions.1.  Buy used.  Go to the thrift stores and second hand shops.  I do this for more than just clothes.   One day I was very lucky and bought a pizelle make for $4.  New price is over $100....more

Holiday Gift Ideas For Under $100 - Fabulous Holiday Gifts For Women

Happy Thanksgiving! May you and your family celebrate this warm and wonderful occasion with good health and happiness....more

Favorite Wedding Registry Items

This post describes our method for building our wedding registry and what our favorite items thus far have been. I’ll be writing a post for each of our favorite items to give more detail as to why we selected it and love it. ...more