The Best Gifts Are Sometimes the Ones Where You Look the Stupidest

This is a baby picture of my dad, taken sometime in the late 1930’s and later appropriated by me, for a display of “Mom and Dad as Younger People” photos. Which I hung prominently in whatever apartment I lived in at the time. It was nice....more

Holiday Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

So you've found a charming guy you’d love to make happy. Good thing, right? But, the flip side to this comes during the holidays when you want to get him a gift that he'll love. Men are also tough nuts to crack, as it's not like he is going to come out and tell you what he wants. ...more

Thoughtful Gifts For Your Favorite Autistic People

Be thoughtful. That's the best advice I can give to anyone looking for gifts for autistic friends and loved ones. Ask after what they really like, want, or need, and be ready to embrace free-thinking gifts like jumbo rolls of bubble wrap. If you are after more specific advice, or need more than gift guides of holidays past, please consider these items that my autistic son Leo, his friends, and his community members appreciate....more
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The Ultimate, Awesome Star Wars Gift Guide

Do you have a Star Wars Fan on your Shopping List?We have you covered! ...more

Black Friday Sex Toy Sales: Where To Find 'Em and What To Buy

Rather than leaving you to click around in search of the best black friday sex toy sales, I've conveniently listed all of my faves below. Consider this a token of my appreciation for your support over the years. That and a way of getting you to buy quality sex toys at a fraction of the cost, 'cause that's just how I do....more



Holiday Gift Guide for Gardeners

*This blog post was written without any affiliation with any brands listed. It is simply a gift giving guide if you’re looking for a gift for a gardening lover....more

5 Must Buy Gifts for the Men in Your Life

Last year, I wrote the post, Holiday Gift Guide for Him and I discussed general gift ideas for the men in your life.This year, I’m going into specifics. There are some fantastic gifts out there for those men who have it all and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you....more

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

Alright, ladies! Let's talk about what the 20-something year old man in our life wants this Christmas! Whether your boyfriend, husband, son, or brother loves the outdoors, beer, adventure, beards (I know mine sure does!), technology, or style, we've got you covered!Here is week two of our holiday gift guide for the man in your life! (Let's just hope my boyfriend skips over this post, so he doesn't know what he is getting this year! :) ) ...more

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Hostess

With the holidays coming up, I'm sure your schedule is starting to fill up with lots of fun parties and get togethers! Whether you are going to a dinner party at your colleague's house, meeting your boyfriend’s parents, or going to stay with friends or family over the holidays, it is always important to bring a gift to thank them for their hospitality!Here is the perfect holiday gift guide for the hostess who loves to entertain!...more