My top 5 Valentine's day gift ideas

The week of Valentine's day is funny.It is a frenetic search of: What am I going to give her/him (yes girls are not always that romantic, thank you very much, or just in lack of imagination -_-)But HEY !What about seeing a movie :) That's our plan this year. Poor students don't get to go to fancy restaurants, but we get to see Kingsman Secret Service. Don't get me wrong, this is gonna be a great night.AND...more

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him & Her

 Today on my blog, I'm sharing a Valentine's Day gift guide for both women and men! Check it out here!...more

A Quick Care Package for the Bride-to-Be

This holiday season, I got a pretty spectacular phone call. I was standing in my living room, packing up some things for our family trip to see my parents for Christmas, and on the caller ID was my best friend Dani....more

I love my Christmas socks

An apology to my family: I know I am a pain to buy gifts for. Sorry about that. But, I can say that it is probably my Mom's fault. ...more

Help the Hubs, for goodness sakes!

I am probably in hot water for writing this.  I may want to reconsider, ok I did and I'm going for it.  I am going to let you in on a little secret of mine and it involves the hubs, gifts and Pinterest....more

5 Creative Apps Writers Will Love

So you need to buy a gift for that special writer in your life (doesn't everyone have one?), but you know she already has all the common ones such as Editorial or Dictionary. What you really want to get her are apps that will support her craft and turn her into a better writer, but... well... you want something off the beaten path; things she may not have thought of before. Look no further than this gift guide. I've rounded up 5 apps you can gift to a writer as well as explain how they will help your friend hone her craft. (Feel free to buy these for yourself as well! Everyone needs a gift now and then.) ...more
kaseykakes Some are free. Or you can get the free version and try it before you get the paid ...more

Last-Minute DIY Holiday Food Gifts

Even as winter's chill descends upon us, there's still plenty of DIY gifts you can concoct in time for the big holiday. Here's a few ideas for gifts, some of which can be whipped up in mere minutes. ...more

the impossible to shop for person

Hello there,...more

Alternative Christmas Gift Ideas for 2014

The Christmas cliché present is somewhat of a tradition – the socks, tangerines, the selection box of chocolates – most of us half expert to find some of these amongst our holiday gifts. However, it is always nice to receive something a bit more leftfield and unexpected. That’s why I’ve come up with a few suggestions. Here are some ideas for inspiration to help you get your friend or loved one something a little different this festive period. ...more

How to Celebrate Chanukah: 8 Days of Joyous Gift Giving

Chanukah is one of my most favorite holidays of the year. Why? It is a happy ending story of heroism and cooperation. Also (and I swear this is secondary), it lasts for over a week and includes the traditional eight days of gift-giving....more
Great article! If you need a fun Hanukkah gift. Amazon is selling the Hanukkah TickleMe Plant ...more