Holiday Gift Guide for Parents, Children and Families

Long lines, fighting for parking space, searching through disorganized store products while toting your little ones who may be cyring and wanting to grab everything in sight can be the typical nightmare scenario when you are a parent out doing some holiday shopping.   As the years pass by for me, I have become more and more of an online shopper, mainly because it's convenient and I can avoid the chaos and stress that comes with shopping in physical stores during the holiday season.  ...more

The Hardest People To Shop For

...are guys, am I right?  All of the men in my life never seem to want or need anything so I'm usually coming up with something on my own and/or hanging on every word they say until they mention ANYTHING they're interested in. It's tough. Nick and I have spent 8 Christmases/birthdays/anniversaries together now and here are some gifts I've given him that have gone over well.  I think most any guy would appreciate these ideas! ...more

Thoughtful and Practical Gifts From The Heart!thoughtful-and-practical-gifts-from-the-/cvbk...more

3 Reasons We're Not Buying Our Daughter Lots Of Christmas Gifts

I love being a mommy. It's really the most fulfilling job that I have had the pleasure to have. If I could, I would give her everything in the world. ...more
Yes she's one, but we also hope to continue this as she gets older, so she will understand even ...more

A Cute Rhyme Takes the Guesswork Out of Gift-Giving

I don't know about you, but I am woefully behind on my Christmas shopping. See, there's this thing called Life, and right now it really seems to have an issue with letting me wander aimlessly down the aisles of Toys 'R' Us, looking for things least likely to end up being donated next year during our annual pre-Christmas toy purge....more

Choosing a gift for someone hard to please? Try something different

They don't like to read, and only like clothes that they've picked out. Their pets are as picky as they are. What to get for that difficult-to-please person?In the category of food, truffles and exotic coffees can fit the bill:...more

12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas

The holiday season for many people is filled with more busy days, obligations and stress.  Often, families want to spend more time together but they end up being pulled in multiple directions and running from one place to another.  Our family found a great way to spend quality time with one another through a tradition we began in our house that involves 12 days of gift-giving to our children that are non-toy items.  The gifts are focused on family-oriented activities that are meant for us to bond and enjoy the holidays a little bit every day leading up to Christmas.  ...more

When Your Kids Don't Need More Stuff This Holiday Season

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I can't get motivated for Christmas shopping this year. My kids have so much stuff already. I know I can make a donation in their names instead, but I'm not sure my teens will appreciate it. What should I do? Signed,Drowning in Too Much Stuff _____________________________________ Dear Too Much Stuff, ...more
Well said! This year our family has forgone the gifts and instead we met in Florida.. It's what ...more

7 Unique Ideas For Your Kids' Teachers' Gifts This Holiday Season

Listen, I don't mean to alarm you, but the gift-giving season is fast approaching. Like, warp speed fast. Like, scary fast. If you don't want to be caught shopping at the very last minute, now is the time to get your act together—especially if you have kids in school and you're the type that likes to gift the teacher. The truth is that school ends before Christmas Day, so you need to get in gear now if you want to thank your kids' teacher for putting up with all of their antics thus far this school year! ...more
The wish list on Scholastic is a good idea! My kids' teachers keep libraries of books in their ...more

A Fantastic Christmas/Hanukkah Gift Idea

Adventurers! I came across this amazing Christmas/Hanukkah gift idea and — seeing as the entire site is 30% off at the moment — couldn’t wait to share it with you!...more