Excitement or Extortion? A Guide to Gifting

This is something that harks back to The Old Country of Broads, no matter our ethnicity or class. Don't kid yourself. A woman with an engagement ring so large it can only be looked at through a pinhole in a shoe box will, yes, register for a silicon dish-rack. Yes, she will. Don't laugh and don't ask what other silicon the dish-rack matches....more

Mother's Day for Bloggers

Here’s my Mother’s Day dream gift list for the blogger in your life!...more

The Best Gifts

Sweet Mother's Day Gift Idea For Kids: Make a Rock-quarium!

Mother Nature shares her lovely gifts of rocks and water!...more

Five Gifts You Need Not Get My Kids

Kids love presents. Be it their birthday, Christmas, or just as a nice surprise. Who wouldn't, right? And I've noticed a lot of people who aren't quite sure what the best kinds of gifts to get for three-four-and-five year olds might be. I'll tackle that another time, but for now, let me tell you what they are NOT.1) Glitter...more

The Door Mat

If March is the month that holds a lot of memories of my time with Richard, April is the month that reeks of Fartbuster.    We had an April wedding.  Five years after that, he moved out on April Fools Day.  We signed the divorce papers on the day after what would have been our sixth wedding anniversary.  Oh, and I found out all about his pregnant girlfriend in April, too....more


If I count backwards through the gifts that Richard gave me, they all end with the house and everything in it, left to me in his will. Eleven days before that, he gave me a band of diamonds. The night before that, two silver bracelets at the rehearsal dinner. Then back three weeks more to Valentine’s Day 2005, when he surprised me in his hospital room with a box of chocolates and a card tucked between the hands of a teddy bear wearing a little sweater with a red heart on it....more

The Top 5 Worst Housewarming Gifts

It is that time again … a friend or family member has moved into a new house or apartment. You are excited to go to the party and celebrate, but what should you bring as a gift? You want to get them something cool and memorable, something they don’t already have, and most importantly – something that they won’t hate. Let us help you by listing the top 5 worst housewarming gifts. At all costs, avoid these gifts!...more