Must buys for parents on Etsy

So some of  you may or may not know that I am a big fan of Etsy.  I think it's so wonderful that a place like this has been made where good quality handmade items can be purchased so easily.  Now before I start I would like you to view this with an open mind.  Some of these items you may think are expensive and yes some of them are.  However some of them are truly unique and don't forget the items you are about to view are all handmade so please respect that and the sellers that put their time and effort into making these wonderful products. ...more

Day 15: Gifts by Friends from Friends for Friends

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? And what about those birthdays that also land (inconveniently) this time of year? (psst… hint)...more

Too Soon or So Right?

So you’ve been set up on a date. Your potential partner is interesting, smart, funny and the two of you are attracted to each other. As your dating experience progresses you may be thinking about how to progress your budding relationship. During times like this you will inherently be walking a fine line between pushing too hard for a relationship versus doing things that make your partner more comfortable with you, and with the idea of a relationship with you.We  have developed a road map to make sure that you don’t come on too strong....more

Sew Thankful-30 Days of Thanksgiving Gifts

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year to show how thankful you are.  We love to make and give gifts so to celebrate Thanskgiving we are sharing 30 Days of Thanksgiving Gifts.  Each day we are featuring Craft Tutorials, Holiday Tutorials, Recipes, Homemade products, and Giveaways you can enter.   30 Days of Gifts @ Sewlicious Home Decor ...more

No Gift

No gift will appease me...I don't want anything you can buy...if I can't have what I'm asking for and what I'm asking for is your heart and you then I don't want anything at all....more

Wedding Gift Registries - the good, the bad and the unwanted

Years before I was even interested in leaving my mothers’ house, I had thought that the idea of telling people what they should buy as a wedding gift was a little presumptuous. Maybe that’s why some people turn up empty-handed anyway. But when my turn came, I thought that it wasn’t so much forward as forward-thinking, because, face it. Who doesn’t need a little help getting her household together?...more

DIY Funky-Fun Framed Whiteboards

These cool whiteboards are gifts for my daughter and her two BFFs to go in their College Bags they will each receive upon graduation in the spring that I'm filling up.  You can see other posts about those bags and what's inside HERE and HERE!   ...more
I love whiteboards more than chalkboards.more

Quick and Easy Teacher Gift Tutorial


In The Midst of Storms

Life's been rough lately. I needed a writer's get-away. Truth is, I just needed to get-away. Escape. Change this rut of sadness I seem to be in. I packed a half of a peanut butter and jam sandwich, a cheese stick and a thermos of something to drink. I grabbed my notebook, pens and camera and off I went....more

An early Christmas list for the men in my life

Day 2 of not writing about sex finds me shopping early for Christmas presents for the men in my life. Last year I bought them ties. They were a hit, although I haven't actually seen anybody wearing one....more