Creative gifts for the holidays for everyone, from kids to seniors

Electronics and gadgets abound in our world. But when you're making your holiday gift list and checking it twice, consider giving the gift of creativity instead of yet another gadget or widget this year.For example:...more

Outside the Box: 10 Gifts to Give Your Children Today That Will Help Them Tomorrow

Just because it’s wrapped in pretty paper doesn’t mean it’s valuable. Sometimes the best gifts aren’t appreciated until the child is older because they’re not “hands-on” toys, clothes, or accessories.            Here are 10 gifts that are worthy of your financial or time investment today because they “pay off” (sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively) in the long run....more

The Smart Mom's Toy Box: 25 Brain-Building Toys Under $20

            If you’re reading this, there’s probably still hope that you haven’t taken out a second mortgage to pay for your children’s Rapunzel-esque Christmas wish lists. Good for you! That means there’s still hope that you can experience the perfect trifecta of gift-giving (fun, educational, and cheap!) with this list of fun but brain-boosting toys—all under $20!...more

Why I hate the middle of November:

To be fair, this will be nothing new for any mother, ever, in the history of life.My Tiny Human was born the week of Thanksgiving, so around this time each year, things get a little bit crazy.WHAT DOES SHE NEED.WHAT DOES SHE WANT.WHAT DO YOU WANT HER TO HAVE.I SAW THIS DOES SHE NEED THIS HOW ABOUT 12 OF THEM.wash. rinse. repeat three weeks later for Christmas.Which is fine because people love my Tiny Human and she loves them and it’s a beautiful thing I AM SURE.But guys....more

A clever and easy photo project with all kinds of possibilities

This summer, I was at Betsy & Iya, an adorable jewelry store in Northwest Portland. (They have unique and affordable modern pieces, some of which are made in the back, and a small but well curated selection of equally interesting bags, clothes, cards and anything else they fancy.) I stopped in to the bathroom and was completely enchanted by a photo display in there. Here’s a glimpse:...more

15 Non-Toy Gift Ideas To Give Kids At Christmas

Ready or not, Christmas is around the corner. For many, this brings excitement, but for others, it brings stress. ...more
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No Mess No Fuss Watercolor Labels

So, wanna talk watercolor labels? Remember I shared some Waterlogue app love in an earlier post? Well, I wanted to share how I created these lovely labels using this fun app. I'm always looking for different ways to present little happy packages to loved ones, and thought it would be a good idea to try this little experiment out using Silhouette's Print and Cut feature....more

A tisket, a tasket, a celebration basket

Hunter and I hit the ground running to find gift ideas for his mom's birthday and Father's Day for his dad, which happened to both fall on June 15th this year. After searching and agonizing over blah ideas, I decided we had one choice. We had to head to the land every lost girl finds her way to, in hopes of better tomorrows and a little bit of everything you might need. And clearly, that choice was Target. ...more

T2B's Father's Day Gift Ideas

It’s time to show your main guy how special he is and how much you appreciate all that he does for your kids, your family financially and to help around the house.  Father’s Day is the perfect excuse to shower him with gifts, kisses and…a little more! ...more

Should Guests "Pay" To Attend Weddings?

It's that time of year again! June marks the traditional beginning of wedding and commitment ceremony season, and we're beginning to see the beautiful flowing gowns, the sharp tuxedoes and tuxedo dresses, the perfectly arranged flowers, and the long stretch limousines carrying nervously excited bridal parties to ceremonies across the country. Guests arrive, tissues tucked in pockets and sleeves, ready to celebrate the loving union of people the watched fall in love....more
Never, as it is there are often enough costs for guests- travel, outfits, a gift, accommodation, ...more