5 Incredibly Useful Gifts for Your Favorite Blogger

So you have a friend or family member who loves to blog, and you want to get her a present that will help her kick it up a notch this year. Here are some ideas on really useful things to give the blog lover in your life. ...more
These are great ideas. Especially the conference pass! Also, a few more: -Business cards (and ...more

Holiday Gifts for Teens/Pre-Teens

If you are the parent of a teen/pre-teen you probably already have a pretty good idea of what types of gifts they want this holiday season. But if you have a teenaged niece, granddaughter or family member on your list that you are a little clueless about what to get for the holidays, here are some simple guidelines to help you:...more

10 Best Gift Ideas to Promote a Healthy and Thriving Life (Online gift-buying that won't break your budget)

It's that time of year again, December is here, and now (for those of us that didn't start shopping early), it's time to find the perfect gifts for the ones we love.  Are you interested in choosing gift for your loved ones this year that will increase their level of wellness and vitality?  What if you could buy for someone you love the gift of Health, or the gift of a thriving life?   Wouldn't that be great? ...more

Post-Holiday Stream of Consciousness


What Is Your Status With Holiday Shopping So Far This Season?

We've just wrapped up the long Thanksgiving weekend and now the shopping race begins. Will you be running this year? Maybe you joined the crowds looking for the perfect sale on Black Friday. Maybe you've thrown in the towel with brick-and-mortar shopping -- why spend hours searching for a parking place at a real store when millions of gift ideas are at your fingertips on your laptop or tablet?...more
I went completely berzerk this past weekend and just about finished it all.  A first for me, I'm ...more

Christmas Shopping and Toddler Stockings

I'm pretty sure this qualifies me as "World's Greatest Toddler Mom Evaaaar":...more
It depends on the child and where you live but basically, anything that can fit into a stocking ...more

The Greatest Gift

In BlogHer Chatter this morning, I requested a question to blog about, and I got a doozy: Darcie asked me, “What is the greatest gift you ever received?”I’ve decided to approach answering this question on a physical level. If I try to figure out the greatest intangible gift I ever received, I could conceivably either A) blow out several synapses trying to decide the greatest metaphysical gift of my life to date and/or B) spend the next several months trying to write a description of the gift....more
Enjoyed the post, which is a gift to me that you didn't know you were giving.  Thank you!!more

Give up a Gift for Africa

Give up a Gift for AfricaWhen I was little I wanted to change the world, a little Lisa Simpson in the flesh.It was all so simple to me back then, why can’t everyone just share what they have? Then no one would be poor, no children would go hungry and everyone would have a house.Simple, right? A humble solution in my infant mind.My thoughts then turned into actions.I sent my football shirts to Africa (yes, I was a tom boy for a while, who’d of thought it?) and sent shoe boxes of presents to others at Christmas time....more
Hi Lisa - Many thanks for your kind comment. I am trying to get this campaign out to as many ...more

A Lesson in Gratitude: I Received a Gift and Threw a Fit

I watched as my little friends opened boxes and found brightly colored necklaces and bracelets, fake diamond rings and all sorts of things that sparkled and shined. It was all inexpensive jewelry designed for a child, but to me it looked like pure gold. My friends immediately pulled the bracelets on over their hands and onto their tiny wrists. They slipped on rings and held out their hands like they'd just gotten engaged. ...more
Your momma did good (: This totally brought tears to my eyes because I do see my childhood ...more