Creative Father's Day Gifts for the Quirky Dad

I don’t know about you but my husband is very difficult to buy for around the holidays. This year my husband picked out his own gift, a Nintendo 3DS XL to take on deployment, but I was inspired to help you guys out. It’s hard to find a creative Father’s Day gift for a guy that has very specific tastes (dare I say quirky?), and even harder to find a father’s day gift from the kids that they will be excited about too. It’s safe to say that my list doesn’t include any ties, electric razors, or watches.For the Beer Lover...more

Green Gift Ideas for Dad

So, thinking about another tie this year for dad? Why not show him your love and appreciation with a thoughtful, eco-friendly gift that he will love and mother earth will benefit from as well? Outside of planning a fun outdoor activity that gets dad'd heart pumpin' or cooking up a delicious meal, getting that perfect gift is always a conundrum. Well, check out some of these ideas that aren't only green, but also budget friendly!...more

20+ Awesome Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is June 16th this year. Here are 20+ great Father's Day gift ideas:...more

Gift in a jar: When the thought counts

I’m a big fan of gifts in a jar because of how versatile jars are and, the potential to create a thoughtful gift.  Gifts in a jar are also quick and easy to create. More importantly, they are the perfect choice when you want to gift something ‘just like that’; when you aren’t are gifting for a specific occasion or event....more

Excitement or Extortion? A Guide to Gifting

This is something that harks back to The Old Country of Broads, no matter our ethnicity or class. Don't kid yourself. A woman with an engagement ring so large it can only be looked at through a pinhole in a shoe box will, yes, register for a silicon dish-rack. Yes, she will. Don't laugh and don't ask what other silicon the dish-rack matches....more

Mother's Day for Bloggers

Here’s my Mother’s Day dream gift list for the blogger in your life!...more

The Best Gifts

Sweet Mother's Day Gift Idea For Kids: Make a Rock-quarium!

Mother Nature shares her lovely gifts of rocks and water!...more

Mother's Day Gifts for the Book Buff