Birth Reflections

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Raising The Girl

I always wanted a daughter.  Always.  I wanted her to be my first born, so she could be my tiny helper as a girl and later my best friend as a lady.  I thought about this desire for a little lady every time my mother and I butted heads while I was growing up (also known as every single day of my childhood…and adulthood).  I swore I would be the best mother ever to my bundle of sugar and spice and everything nice because, after having been a girl for my entire life, I understood them.  I knew how to raise one right.  Appearance, self-esteem, materialism, friends...more

You Can't Say NO to GoldieBlox

Who says girls don’t want to build and have an interest in construction toys?This week, GoldieBlox set the tone that once again, ____ toys aren’t just for boys! Here’s a little backstory on GoldieBlox....more

Lena Dunham's the Real Girl's Role Model

A lot has been said about Lena Dunham and her penchant for appearing nude in virtually every scene of her hit HBO series Girls. Recently, she’s been the subject of much debate over photo touch ups; how much is too much and should they really be done at all. ...more
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Why Cinderella Is Not Invited to My Daughter's Birthday Party

My daughter is not a feminist. She is an almost-three-year-old tornado whose favorite color is blue, but who enjoys dressing in pink and purple tulle and dancing around, proclaiming, "I'm a PRINcess!" To which I respond, invariably: "You are always a princess, because you're smart, and beautiful, and kind." (Or some drek-y thing along those lines.) Because, really, what else can you say that is uncomplicated enough for a well-indoctrinated three-year-old girl to understand? ...more
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5 Gifts a Feminist Wants for Christmas

There are only 5 things this feminist wants for Christmas, and they are not monetary, vain, or tangible. They are wishes and hopes and desires that I find are missing in society. They are necessary for the enlightenment and empowerment of our girls and women, and I consider them "gifts" because they need to be given from a place of goodness and mutual respect....more

Girls Play Hockey

Certain animal species experience a phenomenon called imprinting where, for example, ducklings upon coming out of their eggs will follow and become attached to the first moving object that they encounter. Imprinting is a powerful combination of instinctive behavior and environmental influences. In humans, psychologists refer to this as bonding....more

Yes, It's Stealing: GoldieBlox and the Beastie Boys

For almost a week, I’ve resisted the urge to throw my opinionated hat in to the ring about the whole GoldieBlox – Beastie Boys shenanigans that have been flying around social media.My self-imposed silence on the subject is over....more
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Are good intentions enough? The gendered toy edition

Have you see this GoldieBlox commercial?  My first reaction to this was that it is a cool idea, and the commercial is cool....more

An open letter to my girls and girls everywhere

Hey, you. Yeah, you. You're pretty. Really, you are. Could you be even prettier? Of course. I'll tell you why later, but for now, just know that you're beautiful. ...more
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