Easy Prints + $150 Cash Giveaway.

A good summer dress makes me happy. (Who says I’m hard to please?)...more

JCrew Pumps.

Most of the time, it’s about the shoes for me. A great pair of pumps in a store window can haunt me for months, tempting me until the perfect sale + coupon code email offer come through and push me to pull the fashion trigger....more

Favorite Things: Summer Soles + A Giveaway.

With Memorial Day behind us, the train to summer is full speed ahead. So what shoe to pair with those mini skirts and tank tops?...more

Giveaway Linky - Ongoing

Giveaway Linky - OngoingList Yours! Enter Some!Any and all Family Friendly Giveaways are Welcome!  ...more

She Could Be A Farmer In Those Clothes.

Ah yes, let’s start the week at LSR with a memorable Clueless reference, shall we?Before we jump into the details of my pretty ridiculous outfit, I want to announce a $75 gift card to Sephora giveaway I’m participating in with a few lovely ladies in celebration of Alissa at The Adored Life’s second blogging anniversary....more

Easter Themed Sweepstakes

I love a good giveaway as much as I love knitting! It's fun to win, and I have entered and won many sweepstakes online!  I  come across some great giveaways from time to time and thought I would share them here!...more

Monster Scarf + Valentine's Giveaway.

Go big or go home.It’s a good motto, especially when it comes to scarves. I’m talking huge, wrap-around-you-four-times, basically-wearing-a-blanket type scarves. Monster scarves, Godzilla scarves. Not only is this super cozy, but has a nice style pay-off.That is what I asked for as a Valentine’s present, by the way: a new scarf. The bigger, the better. Since we won’t be out of the cold anytime soon, I might as well stock up....more

Seriously Natural Boutique Black Friday Giveaway!!

Hey Naturals!!!  I've done plenty of giveaways but this will be my FIRST one from the Seriously Natural Boutique and I could not be more excited.  Who is ready for the cold weather and ready to be sporting a beautiful top that expresses how you feel about yourself?  I know you are!!!...more

Storypanda App & Giveaway: Read & Create Storybooks

Storypanda App & Giveaway: Read & Create Storybooks...more

Mom's List It

Mom's List It is a place where mom's can buy and sell used or new items close to home.  Share delicious recipes, get advice from other mom's and featured DIY projects.  A place for mom's to do it all!Jessica http://momslistit.com/  ...more