Easter Themed Sweepstakes

I love a good giveaway as much as I love knitting! It's fun to win, and I have entered and won many sweepstakes online!  I  come across some great giveaways from time to time and thought I would share them here!...more

Monster Scarf + Valentine's Giveaway.

Go big or go home.It’s a good motto, especially when it comes to scarves. I’m talking huge, wrap-around-you-four-times, basically-wearing-a-blanket type scarves. Monster scarves, Godzilla scarves. Not only is this super cozy, but has a nice style pay-off.That is what I asked for as a Valentine’s present, by the way: a new scarf. The bigger, the better. Since we won’t be out of the cold anytime soon, I might as well stock up....more

Seriously Natural Boutique Black Friday Giveaway!!

Hey Naturals!!!  I've done plenty of giveaways but this will be my FIRST one from the Seriously Natural Boutique and I could not be more excited.  Who is ready for the cold weather and ready to be sporting a beautiful top that expresses how you feel about yourself?  I know you are!!!...more

Storypanda App & Giveaway: Read & Create Storybooks

Storypanda App & Giveaway: Read & Create Storybooks...more

Mom's List It

Listings, Recipes, Forum & Giveaways  ...more

Blogging Advice that's Not Worth Your Time

Many people put together posts detailing various ways you can grow your blog traffic, but Lovely Indeed has gone the opposite route, maybe saving you a lot of time as well as feeling as if you're banging your head against the wall. She's put together a list of advice she has tried that hasn't worked out for her.  Maybe you've tried some of these things too and discovered they also weren't worth your energy.  Or maybe they've been on your to-do list for a long time.  Either way, her list is definitely worth a read. ...more
@Denise  Sounds like something to strive for :) Thank you!!more

Happy Family Giveaway Goodies Arrived!

If you missed my post about the Happy Family Giveaway, in short I was chosen to win some goodies from Happy ...more

5 Best Trade Show Giveaways

If you work in any industry, it likely has a trade show or five. Trade shows are as bountiful as the markets they represent so standing out amongst a sea of competitors is always a concern. How then, does a business present themselves and secure an unforgettable impression on their market after the doors close? Whatever your budget, options abound for giveaways that your business can be proud of and your clients will appreciate....more

I Have the Most Fun When I Give Stuff Away

Ready for another PV Giveaway? Me too! Enter to win this super happy, sterling silver necklace by leaving a comment on my blog. Comment on any, and as many posts as you like. I'll randomly pick the winner next Tuesday, February 26th. Please be sure to sign your name to your comments. If I don't know who you are, I can't announce you as the winner! ...more

Move-Aways and Give-Aways

Move-Aways and Give-Aways This winter weather is getting excruciating. Last night my mom, my sister and her fiancee, my nephew, Brody and I went to the Gateway Mall, which is an outdoor mall. We were walking from Applebees to the parking garage and it was only a 5 minute walk, but my hands swelled up, my feet started to swell and I started to have a hard time breathing....more