Move-Aways and Give-Aways

Move-Aways and Give-Aways This winter weather is getting excruciating. Last night my mom, my sister and her fiancee, my nephew, Brody and I went to the Gateway Mall, which is an outdoor mall. We were walking from Applebees to the parking garage and it was only a 5 minute walk, but my hands swelled up, my feet started to swell and I started to have a hard time breathing....more

How to Chill Out for a Day!

One of my very favorite bloggers has mentioned in a few of her posts that she loves listening to podcasts by Tara Brach.  She has mentioned on more than one occasion how Tara's "steady, calming" voice help her to feel grounded, inspired and grateful, and because I think that we all are always searching for ways to bring a little more peace into our lives, I decided to take her advice and...more


My name is Abbe @abbebrown & I am a twitter party-aholic. I was inspired to start this blog after a particularly interesting & educational twitter party led by @theonlinemom @geekbabe @ginaschreck & @robynsworld. If you have been on twitter & seen the #hashtags flying around & trending then you may have stumbled upon what’s known as a twitter party. Most twitter parties are hosted or led by bloggers and sponsored by companies who are looking to promote a product or cause....more

This Crazy Blog World

I have been given an amazing opportunity to host a monthly segment on Cincinnati's Channel 19 Morning News. I will be promoting various products and themes which will be featured and given away on my blog. I'd like to share my good fortune with you all and help spread some traffic love. My first theme is tailgating and I am by no means an expert. ...more

"Posting Giveaways Online"

Giveaways are a great tool for bloggers and retailers to draw attention to their sites and products.  In order for a giveaway to be successful, people need to know how and where to enter.  There are a number of useful sites online that allow submissions of giveaway links.  Best of all, they are free to use....more

BlogHer At Home Giveaway #3: More Swag Bags and a BlogHer13 Pass

Are you having fun, BlogHer-at-Homers?I know I am. We love, love, love your participation in BlogHer at Home, and can't wait to keep hearing from you as we wrap up the conference. We hope that your participation will expand your view of the BlogHer Conference experience, content, and community. We also hope that have been making connections with each other -- sharing your blogs, your Twitter experience, and whatever other platforms are important to you. (Instagram, anyone? Let's see those shoes....more
I hope my comment sticks this time ;0)more

The Obsession With Sweepstakes

 Sometimes a passion turns into an obsession. Whether it's finding the best deals, using coupons, or entering sweepstakes, it becomes a consuming part of our lives in a way we could have never imagined in the beginning.I began entering sweepstakes, or "sweeping" for fun in 2009 as a way to kill the boredom during my husband's deployments. I always thought of it a fun game or hobby that I could play with the chance to win prizes. I never took it seriously until I started winning BIG repetitively....more
Good insights @sweepstakesmama  and definitely something to think about !  Your words apply to ...more

5 Lessons Learned: Creating and Managing Promotions For Your Blog

Visiting our local farmer's market on Saturday morning is a standing appointment for me. This week, my daughter, her husband and I walked the aisles, tasting the samples and checking out the felted wool products. She picked up a pair of artfully crafted hot pads and asked the producer about them....more
Hey, Ann - well, as you know we're writing every day for NaBloPoMo. But, since I manage a ...more

Eat Meat. Theology Resources with Bite! (Giveaways!)

Looking to beef up your spiritual diet? Consider adding these resources to your library for two reasons:...more