To Tell the Truth.....a Giveaway with a twist.

I promised you back a while ago that I was putting together another giveaway for you guys. Granted, it seems to have taken me 100 forever’s to get around to posting said giveaway, but nonetheless, I follow through on my word. However, this isn’t going to be your typical giveaway. Hehehe. Rather than just deciding you should follow me and tweet about the contest or whatever to win, you’ve got guess. Yep....more

Nadine Johnson - Author Highlight

Nadine Johnson Author Highlight at

Holiday Giveaway

I'm giving away a $25 Toys R Us gift card for the holidays on my main blog.  Click here to enter:   Thank you for being here, and happy holidays!...more

Wow!! 6 Giveaways going on!

 I have 6 giveaways going on right now . Check out my website to enter 1 or allCSN store $35Gevalia coffee and mugsEtsy $30 GCBurts Bees Lip Shimmer$25 to use at JasmereA comment could win U a gift BasketEnjoy Country LivingMaryBeth...more

Unexpected Friendships: Giveaway Teaser #2

Making Connections I started blogging last March. I didn't know any bloggers. I had read only a few blogs. Then a crazy thing started to happen....more

Motherly Law Announcement: Giveaways Coming Soon!

I wasn't going to do giveaways. But I have changed my mind. I'm allowed to do that when I'm the owner and author of this here blog. Recently I had a chat with a friend and fellow blogger. She persuaded me to give it a try. So, I am....more

Want to increase your PR Rank? Enter Giveaways.

So I've been thinking lately on method on how to increase PR rank. PR Rank is a tool used by many PR professionals and bloggers on how popular your blog is. Your PR Rank is measured by how many backlinks your blog has. Lately, I've missed many review opportunities in the past due to my PR Rank. Don't let this get you down though, there's plenty of companies willing to give a blogger a chance....more

What a great idea! I will look for giveaways to respond to. Any suggestions on high pr ranking ...more

Giveaways... Hello!

did you know that i have not one, but two giveaways happening right now?creating keepsakes magazine subscription & a set of playdate cards.right this very minute you could enter both of these why aren't you?what are you waiting for?do you have unanswered questions?...more