Teaching Acceptance

I have watched last week's Glee episode no less than five times. It just gets to me.One Sunday afternoon, I took BG to our town's Christmas parade. We managed to find a spot right at the front of the sidewalk in front of this really nice older couple and their two young boys.  At one point, a young dance troupe went by made up of a few girls and one boy. I heard the boys snickering at this boy, but it was what happened next that floored me....more
love this! such a moving post. I have been trying to get this message scross for so long, you ...more

On Coming Out and 'Glee'

When I graduated from Grinnell College with my B.A. in psychology, I was 22 years old and my only work experience was filing card catalog cards and setting up projectors for professors. I needed a job.My girlfriend was a year younger than me and I wanted to stay in Grinnell. The only job I could find was working at the Jasper County Care Facility, a massive facility for people with severe mental and physical disabilities. The facility was located in nearby Newton. Grinnell was a college town. Newton was not. The people of Grinnell were open-minded. The people of Newton were not....more
@Faiqa Yes, she was going to kick my ass because she was a lesbian. I'm a lover not a fighter ...more


*****HISTORY MADE, as Lesbian Couple is named homecoming king & queen************     Patrick Henry High School, in San Diego County recently celebrated a milestone in human rights for the GLBT community. Rebeca Arellano(King) and her queen Haleigh Adams received this honor from their peers, as an out pouring of support from the students....more

Foster Children in Florida Finally Get Forever Families

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting a surge in petitions for adoption by gay and lesbian foster parents in the past year. There is nothing surprising about this. For many years, the Florida foster system has been happy to place children in gay and lesbian homes while denying permanency to the children placed there, by banning gay adoption. Advocates for children in the public system have long bemoaned the ban, which has kept children in the state’s care when the expense and burden of this might have been passed onto enthusiastic, loving parents....more
It's about time! So sad that waiting children have been denied families. I'm guessing the ...more

It's My Wife's Turn To Be Pregnant

Oh my God we’re pregnant. Now what???...more
thanks for sharing! I've been pregnant once (one kid) and always wished my husband had ...more


GAY AND LESBIAN RESOURCES              NEW UPDATEwww.avert.org/gaylesbianhelp.htmwww.planetout.comwww.freeality.com/gay.htmwww.gsanetwork.org/resourcesBREAKING NEWS:Illinois college becomes first to ask undergrads if they're gay...more


I have Wonderful news todayIn a recent poll we see a new upward trend...Opinions are shifting 54% of Americans are in favor of Same-sex marriage up 8% from a few years ago. Indicating favorable outcome for the GLBT community.CONGRATULATIONS...more


EQUALITY EXPRESS  My views on the opposition for Same-Sex marriage:The best way for me to describe my ideas would be to make use of the following analogy. ...more

A Matter of Policy: The Repeal of DADT


Lesbian Blogger Hoax: Warnings & Questions About Paula Brooks

Paula Brooks, lesbian blogger, mom of 4-year-old twins and an adopted baby from Belize, and Deaf person, stepped down this week as head of women's news site LezGetReal.com, claiming to have perpetuated an elaborate hoax for years. "Brooks" described himself to the Washington Post as an ex-construction worker and military man named Bill Graber. Hang onto your hats, because the unfolding story is one of the most tangled pieces of Internet drama and extended sockpuppetry I've ever encountered. ...more

LezGetReal fans need to have a LezGetGRABER website! more