Blogging for LGBT Families Day Is June 1

Please join the yearly Blogging for LGBT Families Day festivities by posting on or before June 1 in support of LGBT families! All bloggers, of any orientation, identity, or parental status are welcome....more

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New Picture Books Showcase Universals of Working Parents

Two new picture books highlight the concerns of children and their working parents—and also remind us of the universals of parenting, even across diverse groups. Monday Is One Day, by Arthur A. Levine (Scholastic Press), is poem from a working parent to a child. “The hardest part of going to work is being apart from you,” it begins. “Let’s count the days till we’re both at home with a special thing to do.” Each page then shows a different family and a different activity—splashing in puddles, playing with dinosaurs, enjoying cuddles—as they name the days of the week and count down to and through the weekend....more

From Chastity to Chaz

I was born in 1963, which makes me 45 years old (for just a few more months.) This is important because it means that I grew up watching The Sonny & Cher show. I LOVED The Sonny & Cher show. I mean you didn't see women like Cher walking through the Piggly Wiggly and you certainly didn't see women talk to their husbands the way Cher talked to hers. And then there was Chastity. The best shows were the ones where Chastity appeared, usually singing "I Got You Babe" along with her parents. I loved that. ...more

shows up each time the subject of transfolk is broached. I get that for most, it is a figure of ...more

Fear in the Locker Room: School Sports, Homophobia and Transphobia

Rick Welts, president and chief executive of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns, has just come out as gay. It was a significant and risky move in an industry that is not known for its tolerance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. (LA Laker star Kobe Bryant recently paid a $100,000 fine for calling a referee a "faggot.") And as Megan Hueter has written here at BlogHer, women’s collegiate basketball suffers similar problems. Homophobia and transphobia in sports are not confined to the professional and collegiate levels, however....more

Playing Politics at the Expense of Children

File this one under cheap election year politics (even if it’s not quite election year, the gentlemen have started their engines). Arizona has passed a new law directing child welfare professionals to favor married couples over singles or unmarried couples (code for same-sex couples, really) in child placement decisions whether adoption or foster care, "if all other factors are equal." ...more

My BFF lives in Tucson, Nancy and it's so beautiful and evocative, I have set major parts of ...more

Equal Opportunity People Hater

My daughter did it! My four-year-old daughter completed a ballet class without mommy having to perform a single twirl. When we arrived at her ballet class on Saturday afternoon, I admit to feeling less than confident that Sophie would come through. She had assured me that she would participate in the class. However, after the fiasco that was last week's ballet class, my faith in her was tenuous, at best. Initially, she sat in my lap against the wall. However, she quickly stood and began performing the dance moves along with the class, all the while standing against the wall....more

My Name is Shannon and I am a Petty Bitch

I am a petty bitch. I am putting that out there for all to see. It's the truth. Allow me to explain. About two years ago, I joined Weight Watchers and lost thirty pounds. I felt awesome and confident and attractive and proud and invincible--all emotions I had not encountered in years. I loved it. However, as with all good things, it was not to last. In the past year, I have slowly packed the pounds back on. And then some. I am not sure what happened. I rediscovered a love of ice cream. I learned a new skill--baking....more

Gay on the Playground

My mother didn’t want me to have children. She had given up trying to change my lady-loving ways but was adamant that I not bring a child into my “lifestyle”. She argued that if we had a boy, he would never learn to pee standing up and if we had a girl, we wouldn’t know how to do her hair. Given arguments with such substantial merit, it’s amazing that I had the courage to persevere. I reminded my mother constantly about our intention to have kids – every time we saw a baby or a commercial for diapers and even when I ran across a conversation heart that said “baby”. It became a game – “Ways to Remind Mom We Intend to Have Kids” which was a lot like Family Feud but with more feuding and less cheering. Each time, she simply pursed her lips, closed her eyes and shook her head. When I finally got pregnant and told her the news, she was absolutely silent – no sighing, no audible pursing of the lips. Then she asked what I expected her to say and I suggested that most people go with “Congratulations”. For the record, she did not go with “congratulations”.  My mother believed what many people believe – living as an out lesbian is my choice but an unfair burden on children. ...more

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Gay? Straight? Bi? Why?

Allena Gabosch (the co-founder and Executive Director of The Center For Sex Positive Culture) and I enjoyed a Slutty Redhead and a Moscow Mule as we discussed fomenting sexual revolution. There are worse ways to spend an evening – but not many better ways....more


(written on 1/6/11 at 2:30 pm)This past week has really been almost too much. But it's been too much in wonderful, invigorating ways....more