Gay? Straight? Bi? Why?

Allena Gabosch (the co-founder and Executive Director of The Center For Sex Positive Culture) and I enjoyed a Slutty Redhead and a Moscow Mule as we discussed fomenting sexual revolution. There are worse ways to spend an evening – but not many better ways....more


(written on 1/6/11 at 2:30 pm)This past week has really been almost too much. But it's been too much in wonderful, invigorating ways....more

Balancing those relationships, by focusing on you

So let me quickly say it's a quick post, because I have to go do a P90X workout before my son wakes from his nap, and my hubby comes home from work! I need the me time, but I also have a deep need to share this information and get the word out there....more

I couldn't agree more. It's always in inside job. Women especially have this idea that the ...more

Heather Has Two Mommies & Two Daddies: Time for the Law to Evolve

Extending parental privileges to third parties can be a good thing. Of course, with the privileges of parenthood come the responsibilities, including financial responsibilities. But I think that having more people financially and emotionally responsible for the well being of a child could be a wonderful thing. ...more

I am excited to see third party parenting rights coming to life. Mine is a blended marriage, ...more

Healthy Relationships: Differentiation of Self

Post first appeared on my blog:
There is a suggestion here that the more you are able to differentiate in relationships, the ...more

Making Long-term GLBT Relationships Work

There's been a lot in the news lately about GLBT rights in regards to marriage and the military. I am busy getting my blog up and running..., and at this point I don't know of no other way to get the word out that it is GLBT friendly! I know, I know--in the coming months, I'll figure out where to advertise (or you can point me in the right direction--much obliged), but until then I want to get this information out into the world! From GLBT friends I've found out that there is little out there in the way of adapting popular findings about relationships to the GLBT community. Let me help!...more

National Coming Out Day: My Challenge to You

Twenty years ago, I went to an off-campus party to hang out with some friends. We played music and had a few beers and then, as the night wound down, one of my friends leaned over and kissed another woman with tongue. This weird feeling came over me and I packed up my guitar and stumbled out the door. As I walked across campus, I tried to figure out what I was feeling and my internal dialogue went something like this: ...more

Including a very long debate about gay marriage with two Tea Parties on a flight home from a ...more

It Gets Better: How to Fight Homophobia

At dinner last night, TW and I were happily reading our Twitter streams and surfing our feeds when we both noticed the great news out of our former home state of Florida. The ban on gay adoptions has been ruled unconstitutional and Governor Crist says Florida will immediately stop the ban on gay adoptions. ...more

Wow, that's a gorgeous family. I knew you had kids, but SIX of them? WOW. As you know, I had two ...more

From Outrage to Outcast: Is Outing Members of the GLBT Community Ever O.K.?

This could be a horrible thing. This post may be the proverbial train wreck the curious must watch--an opinionated heterosexual writing about a controversial topic deemed "queer," as it relates to the sensibilities and politics of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities. ...more

When people have no means to prosecute, they persecute. In Brock's case, he believes being gay ...more

(VIDEO) National HIV Testing Day: What You Need to Know Now

1.1 million Americans are living with HIV, and 21 percent of us don't know we've been infected. That's 52,000+ people who don't know they have HIV and 50,000 people who could be spreading the virus without ever knowing it. Don't be one of those 52,000+ people. Get tested! ...more