Sunday Golf

Sunday at Edgewood ...more
 @elaineR.N. aww thanks Elaine!  this was my first attempt at a teaser to my blog.  thanks for ...more

Tuesday's Things

The birds didn’t even land on the ground yesterday, that’s how windy it was in Big Bend.  I just noticed that the Robins are in the back yard, welcome back!  Where do you hide when the wind is blowing little birds?  ...more
 @elaineR.N. ha, flossing wouldn't bother me unless they are flickers.  then i would protest! ...more

Whether the weather cooperates...

We've had several days of unseasonably warm weather and that means that it's time to clean the golf clubs, polish the shoes, check to make certain that last year's glove will still be serviceable and check the status of balls and tees.************Last year's glove is not a possibility. I left it folded up in my golf bag and when I opened my bag the ripe aroma pointed , quite pointedly, to my lack of foresight. ...more

Tuning Out Your Inner Critic, Good Luck!

One common reason we stop ourselves from achieving our goals is by listening to our inner critic. It is that voice that says in a harsh or unconstructive way, “You’re not good enough” or “I can’t believe you just made that error…again..”This pattern of negative behavior can become addictive, even a form of motivation for some people, however, critical behavior takes up an enormous amount of energy and slowly chips away at your confidence....more

great golf aspirations

 when I picked up the game of golf, i was in my mid 30's.  I honestly was mad at myself for not having discovered the game when I was in my teens, because I thought maybe I could have been a natural....more

slow day at the golf course

I hope you had fun and enjoyed the fresh air! ~Virginiamore

US Open - Top Five Memories

Mia M. Jackson •  Sideline Pass • Up close and sporty! Rory McIlroy rocked the U.S. Open with a record 16 under par. Until Sunday, I’d watched many a round of golf from the comfort of home. Thanks to one of SP Dads, I was at the tournament close enough to witness golf history, duck to avoid errant swings and want to hit that guy who screams “it’s in the hole.”  Quickly, here are my top five U.S. Open memories:...more

The 4th Hole at Cloudcroft

Jewel, can you see the green? My mother was about 15 yards from the tee box, serving as my look-out. The course was in Cloudcroft, New Mexico (elevation 8660 ft) and it was 1978. We had a time-share at a lodge there in the small village set in the Lincoln National Forest. Cloudcroft had a population then of about 400 and was the kind of place where the local bowling alley had 3 lanes and kids working as “pin-setters.” We played golf in the summer and in the winter my family went to snow mobile the same snow-covered course....more