Getting a keepsake box made for granddaughter an act of love

My granddaughter’s first birthday is coming up, and tomorrow, there will be a big birthday bash, a cookout at my son and daughter-in-law’s house in Fairfield, Conn....more

To My Grandmother, Who Saved Me

There's a photo I found somewhere, unearthed from the unending piles my grandfather snapped of me as I grew up. It shows a girl, with an open round face and big blue eyes, staring out from beneath shiny brown bangs, a look of fear in her eyes. She reaches over her shoulder and clasps a hand; a strong, comforting hand. You can tell that the hand is her tether; it is what is keeping her safe in that moment of uncertainty. As long as she holds that hand, nothing bad can happen to her. That girl is me, and that woman is my grandmother. ...more

I Miss Baking

A friend recently shared an article about the science behind baking perfect chocolate chip cookies. I love to bake. Ever since I was little. I’m not sure  where I got this from, even though both sets of grandparents were fabulous cooks, none of them really baked much, at least not from scratch.My maternal grandmother would bake a chiffon cake from a mix for every grandchild’s birthday, always celebrated at her house, with no frosting, but with a big scoop of ice cream. She liked the lightness of chiffon cakes, and hers were always perfect. ...more

My 'Grandmotherly' Self

BlogHer – NaBloPoMo March 2014Saturday, March 8, 2014 ~~~~~~~~ I have been my ‘grandmotherly’ self all week. On Monday, my youngest grandson became ill, so I was called in to babysit for him, while mommy worked. I came back home on Wednesday night. On Thursday morning, our middle daughter came down from Kentucky, with her 5-year-old son and 7-week-old daughter; our youngest granddaughter....more
Mama Bear..First commenting her blogher and learning my way around. I have no grandchildren yet ...more

Mother's Lessons still abound


Switching Names

If you had to switch your first name, what name would you choose and why? ~~~~~~~~ When I was growing up, I hated, not just my first name, but my entire name.  Debra; it was just too boringly plain.  Bring in my middle name, Lynn; just how much boringly plain can names be.  Anyway, what could I do about it?  My dad always, and still does today, calls me ‘Sis’.  I love him for it, but it was his last name that was a cause of grief for me many times....more

Grandmother's Lost

When I should have been doing something else, I found myself immersed for hours in comparing images of women. I found myself longing for an app I could use to point my phone at the photos that would scan them and tell me (from built in facial recognition technology) whether one child in a photo was the same person in another photo taken 20 years later. Was the old grandmother the same young woman in this photo, or this one?...more

Nanny's Recipe Hoarding Legacy

I’m a wife, mother, friend, Brave Girl, literature nerd, photographer, and crafty domestic queen of my domain. I love (in no particular order) kittens, babies, food, laughter and sunshine. I am a procrastinator, often suffer from insomnia and writer's block (it's a vicious cycle),  and burn grilled cheese sandwiches every. single. time. I try to cook them- because I also get distracted easily (ooh look shiny sparkles!) which is why I just don't try those anymore. ...more

Letters To My Grandmother

Every Monday morning after I have gotten my step-son up and ready for school, I sit down at our breakfast bar and get out my nice stationery and pen.I begin to write....more

OMG I Can't Wait to Be a GrandMother: How Can We Bring On Labor?

I made it to Hawaii and Johnny Mac Pippin's mom looks like she is very ready to bring him into the world -- but Johnny Mac Pippin is not showing any sign of moving. Well he's showing a lot of signs of moving, elbows and knees and feet banging around inside there -- but he's looking altogether too comfortable and I'm ready for him to come out and kick ME a little bit. So how the heck do we convince him that it's time? Are there any tricks for bringing on labor that really work?...more
 @Lisa Stone  I'm glad I'm here too and very thankful we didn't have to wait too, too long! ...more