A Rainbow

Today was a really rough day for me. I experienced a huge panic attack in the morning, to the point that I called my husband to tell him I was having a panic attack. I take medication for anxiety, but with all the stress of him going back to school and the change in my routine raised my stress level to nuclear and it manifested in the attack. I was so mad at myself for letting it get away from me....more

"Raising Hope" on Fox: The Mom as my Role Model

I responded to a question on a blog this morning (I put that blog's link below, it's a good one) about "role model" moms as characters on TV shows.  Here is my suggestion: This is going to be a really strange suggestion for a female 'role model' - I'm even thinking it's strange, but here goes...  I really appreciate the mom on "Raising Hope", that really crude new show on Fox.  (that I watch)   Here's what I appreciate about that mom, in no particular order:   1.  She loves and stands by her worthless husband.   ...more

Reflecting on Mothers

WhereParentsTalk.com   by Lianne Castelino www.whereparentstalk.com ...more

Raising my grandchild as a single, sophisticated, and a business minded grandmother

Hi Ladies,   I've been raising my 13 month old grand daughter since she was 3 weeks old.  She is the joy of my life and, I would not trade a single moment.  My daughter disappeared after the 2nd day of coming home from the hospital.  I got a phone call from a DCF worker and told me I had until 5 pm that day to come and get my grand daughter or she would be in state custody. My daugter was there at the office when I arrived, and told me that she just wanted to "hang out", not be a Mother....more

Alzheimer’s May Take My Grandmother’s Mind, But It Will Never Take Her Spirit.

One of my favorite memories growing up was when I was five and had the Chicken Pox.  You’d think it would be a time I wouldn’t look back on fondly.  I mean, who actually reminisces about itchy blisters? It wasn’t the pox that I liked, but it was sitting in our sun room for five itchy days wearing oven mitts with my grandmother, Nini, as she taught me all about birds.  ...more

My grandmother taught me so much and she is at the end stages of alzheimer's. Your story is so ...more

Cooking with Grandma: Abuelita's Recipe for Sopa de Arroz

I spent some time last week in Laredo, Texas. My 90-year-old grandmother still lives there. When I arrived at her door and sat with her a while, she reminded me that I don’t visit often enough. Not by chiding me or layering our conversation with honey-dipped guilt. No. She simply did not recognize me. ...more

Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment and for sharing a bit of your story. Your daughter ...more

Mexican-Ukrainian Fusion???

If Mexican-Korean Fusion works, maybe Mexican-Anything Fusion can. Let’s test this theory with these Mexican Holubtsi (a.k.a. cabbage rolls). This recipe fulfills my New Year’s Resolution since it’s good for me (brown rice, cabbage and lean poultry), it’s got Zumba in the seasonings AND it makes me feel good, like all things Ukrainian. My grandfather (Gee Gee) came from the Ukraine as did the parents of my grandmother (Baba, the one who made such wonderful chicken soup). Ukrainian food (perogies, pyrizhky, holubtsi) takes me back to their kitchen and to my own childhood home. The cabbage roll filling used here is a heated-up version of the traditional Ukrainian style. The cabbage is napa (Mexican-Ukrainian-Chinese Fusion???) and is uncooked, lending crunch and a mustardy flavor, something all self-respecting Ukrainians relish....more

The Search for Mr. Fabulous: Only My Grandmother...

"I was watching that movie you like...you know, the one with Mr. Darcy? Yeah. And I thought of you." [pause] I begin to smile, thinking my grandma is referring to me one day meeting my very own Mr. Darcy. "You know, when her friend marries that bad guy and she says 'I'm 27 years old, I'm a burden to my parents, what choice do I have?'" Blank, gaping-mouth stare as I try to comprehend what my grandmother has just said. ...more

A Christmas Eve Pajama Party

This morning, the Christmas tree lights are unplugged, and it’s just a dark form in the corner of the room. If I touch the needles of the tree, they shatter in my hand. Where presents used to spill out on the floor in abundance, just a carpet of dried needles can be found....ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's Hood ...more