Green Juice

15 Things I Don't Pay for Anymore

DH and I recently took a hard look at the things we thought we could live without, make ourselves or cut back on. ...more
You really should give the Diva Cup another try. I started using it about 5 years ago and it ...more

Completely Inauthentic Yet Delicious Foods for St. Patrick's Day

Before I get into any critiques of what is or isn't Irish food, I'd like to list out my credentials: I am roughly 65 percent Irish by birth. I have been forced to listen to Irish folk music from the age of nine because whoever drove got to control the radio. I attended Irish Fest in Milwaukee unwillingly for at least seven years in a row during my formative years. I've willingly gone back twice as an adult. My father once gave Tommy Makem an instant Irish oatmeal pack. I once sang "Danny Boy" at the top of my lungs at an Irish pub in D.C. with Ted Kennedy, who was only 40 feet away from me. I really like Guinness. ...more
I agree, definitely no green beer! Those cookies however..... :)more

safe cosmetics

 I have been wanting to write this post for awhile as I think the information is so important. The long and often intimidating list of ingredients found on the back of our cosmetics (cleansers, moisturisers, foundations) and toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste, deodorants, after shave, perfume) can be overwhelming. So I thought we'd start with 5 ingredients....more

Fairytale Raspberry Pudding!

 Ok, so I had to name this Shrek pudding because it’s so incredibly green! I hope your kids won’t mind the color. Some kids won’t eat anything green! When I gave this to my gals they asked for more immediately! I had a hard time sharing! Really, I wanted to eat it all myself.This would also freeze well into freezer pops for the summer. MMMMMMM……. ...more

Mixed Greens and Pomegranate Salad

When I make salads, I like to make them as delicious and simple as possible. I find that the more steps involved, the more I am deterred from that recipe. I mean, who wants a 20 step salad recipe that will taste just as good as a 2 step salad recipe?? Uhhhhh, not this girl!...more

Sweet Green Smoothie

Fact: I love a good smoothie. Especially when I know its packed with protein, veggies and fat burning green tea. Nothing tastes sweeter when I'm drinking a glass of deliciousness that gives my body at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, while helping to get rid of a little belly fat....more

The Great Crate Challenge

Two Wood Crates Turned Rustic Bedside TableI am unbelievably excited to be teaming up with nine other crazy talented ladies to bring you The Great Crate Challenge!!!...more

The Lunette Menstrual Cup Will Change Your Life

Yes, this post is about periods.  Anyone who feels they can't get over that should really just leave.  Here, read this post instead.  It involves donuts and Ted Nugent and zero blood, except maybe deer blood, because Ted Nugent is made of deer-hating dickcheese. ...more

Green Swing + Bumble and bumble.

This dress is seven years old. No joke.I got it in London while on an unforgettable holiday with my best friend. We had just graduated college and were ready to take on the world– and Topshop, of course. Oxford Circus, represent....more