No one likes being condescended to, but it's easy to do if you treat every audience the same. With super green audiences, strong messaging about saving the earth and its creatures is preaching to the choir, so you don't have to temper much. But if you want to expand your audience to consumers resisting the green "movement," you need to find another way because scare tactics and shame just don’t work....more

Chainsaw maintenance: The handiest guides for garden works

It is a powerful treacherous tools, used for pruning, cutting or cutting firewood, deforestation, even for impeccable let your orchard or garden or lawn. But not only it serves to make these works; you can also cut large blocks or chunks of ice & tree. There need some skill in the use of chainsaws, & the maintenance some of its body parts: The CHAINSAW BAR & CHAINSAW CHAIN....more


 Though there's a certain contingent of the population utterly devoted to going green, there's still plenty of resistance out there. Whether it's ignorance, laziness, or downright denial, not everyone recycles, conserves, or even buys into the idea that these things are important. Some of them are even in Congress....more

A Green Take on Gift Ideas for Dad

Need a gift for dad? Check out these green twists on some traditional gifts!

6 on 6 challenge: Green in May

We’re back for another edition of the 6 on 6 photo challenge, and this month we are turning our nerdy stuff green! This time it was easier than expected for me to find everything with the right color, hope you’ll enjoy my pictures. If you’re seeing a 6 on 6 post for the first time, you can learn more about it here. Now let the geeky green fun begin!...more

I Haven't Spent a PENNY on Laundry All Year

On my quest to eliminate unnecessary waste and spending in my house, I looked to our laundry routine to see where I could trim some fat and cut some corners....more

INFOGRAPHIC: Which U.S. states care most about the environment?

As the Earth heats up, thankfully so does interest in sustainable living and renewable energy. What we Google says a lot about what we’re concerned with, and in this unique study, Save On Energy analyzed Google Trends to see where people are searching for environmental topics the most....more

How To Buy Toilet Paper (Without Plastic)

Oh, the heavenly fluffy softness that is Charmin. I'll admit, it's my favorite TP by far. But now that I'm HYPER focused on trying to live plastic-free, I can no longer ignore the multi-4 packs that are wrapped in plastic and then bundled in more plastic wrap. I recently made the switch to recycled paper toilet tissue and, let's just say, it wasn't ultra soft or ultra strong. Bye-Bye Charmin Soft Fluffiness...Enter Tree Bark....more

Seven Secrets to Eco Friendly Homes that Make Cents

1. Future-proof your home now. If you’ve been waiting to see what direction green will go, step on the path and join the crowd. All across the country, the demand for eco friendly homes is growing. ...more