My favorite lifestyle must-reads

If you've been around the blog for a while, it's really no secret that our family strives to live a green, whole-food life. I wish I could say that I a, perfectly organically green, but I'm still learning and there are so many places out there to turn to for genuine advice on achieving a healthier life....more

Kids Fighting Dunkin Donuts over Cups

Young activists in the 4th and 5th grade need your help.  There is a petition against Dunkin Donuts about Styrofoam Cups by Park School Kids from Brookline, MA. Let’s join the battle to get Dunkin Donuts to stop using Styrofoam cups.  The petition is being circulated via and the story of these youngsters fighting for our environment is very impressive.  They have already gathered over 240,000 petitions and only need 60,000 more....more

Summer Nature Journal Ideas For Kids!


Homemade Cleaning Products - How Well Does Lemon Work on Sinks?

When I clean, I try to avoid chemical based cleansers as much as possible. My lungs just can't stand up to bleach, and I find the lingering smell unpleasant at best....more

Cloth Diapering Basics

 I get a lot of questions about cloth diapering, and it's been awhile since I've talked about it. ...more

$2 Fix for Drafty Houses

With the cooler temperatures rolling in I've been noticing a lot of drafts coming in around the windows. After weeks of freezing floors I decided to do something about it. I headed to the hardware store to pick up weatherstrip and caulk and while there I stumbled across these nifty little things....more
That's where I was thinking would have them, lol. Don't think I've seen them at Lowe's or home ...more

Easy Eco Tips for a Greener 2014

From weight loss to saving more money, new year's resolutions run the gambit. But for many, going more green might not be one they think of. The funny thing is that going green doesn't only help the planet, it can help your health and you wallet too! Check out some of my easy ways to go a bit more green in 2014! ...more

Reusable Alternatives

Disposable products are so common for a reason. Usually cheap, very convenient, and easy to clean up. And once you throw it in the trash can, it is easy to forget about them. But the amount of resources that go in to every disposable product should make you think twice of not using a more sustainable version. Also think about this: the initial cost of a reusable item may be higher than its disposable counterpart, but overtime the cost of constantly buying the disposable product will be greater.Here are ten alternatives to common disposable products....more

Buying an Organic Mattress? You Must Be Joking

Have you ever watched one of those tell-all news segments that go behind the scenes into the world of hotel housekeeping or food service? Once you know all the dirty little secrets, staying in hotels or eating out isn't nearly as enjoyable. I travel extensively for business, and after watching one such show, I still make it my first priority to strip the bed of its bedspread, and I never directly touch the TV remote control....more

Have a Green Holiday Season: 10 Easy Tips

This year, instead of a white Christmas, why not strive for green? Eco-friendly, green holidays, that is....more