Roadside Treasure

Going green isn't just about recycling.  Reusing old items or re-purposing found ones is a large component of responsible stewardship. ...more

Successfully Frugal: What I Learned From the Frugal Challenge

The Frugal Challenge officially ended yesterday. Not that it has really ended. I'm going to continue to think and re-think what I've learned over the last 23 days. To be completely cliche, simplifying our lives is a journey and not a destination. ...more

Healthy Eating Without Breaking the Bank

[Editor's Note: 'Tis the season to have just spent an awful lot of money (on gifts, food, entertaining, and yes, possibly even alcohol...), and 'tis the season to start thinking about how to step back from holiday excess and start eating healthily again. But is it possible to eat healthily and keep to a budget at the same time? This post from the archives assures you that yes, it is possible, Virginia. There really is an affordable way to eat your veggies! --Genie]...more
I love the two pairs, two spares. I'm the youngest of 5 kids and the first 4 are 2 sets of ...more

How to Winterize Your Home

I love the fall season - the colorful leaves, the pumpkin pies, the football games, and the perfect temperatures. What's not to love about fall? Well, I can think of one thing. With fall comes the approach of winter and the need to prepare my home for cold temperatures and snowy weather. I'm not a fan of housework, but I know if I don't get my home ready, I'll get hit with high energy bills and feel chilly drafts. However, if I winterize my home, I can avoid all this. ...more
Great tips! I suggest looking for rebates before you ...more

A Beginner's Guide to Cloth Diapers

The Mister is starting to worry that I’m going to start hugging trees soon.  Why?  Well I breastfeed, I make my own baby food, and just today I purchased some cloth diapers.  I’m one step away from hugging the tree in my front yard everyday on my way to work....more
uhm, WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE YOU FINDING FITTEDS FOR $5-$7?! what sort of crazy illuminati black ...more

Are You Wasting Money? Four Myths About Organic Food

People believe a lot of things that we have little to no evidence for, like that vikings wore horned helmets or that you can see the Great Wall of China from space. Christie Wilcox, a blogger at Scientific American, loves to bust these myths. In this piece, she takes on conventionally believed untruths about organic food. ...more
You had me interested until you started praising GMO's. Eff that noise! I am the only proof I ...more


Play clothes do not need to be expensive.This little dress is formerly a t-shirt, that my young lady has outgrown.It's not altered much.Just a little hand sewn shirring with elastic thread, on the sleeves and at the neck. A few beads and small pink bows for added decoration (and to cover the hand sewn shirring) and a few beads at the hem for good measure....more

How to be Summer Ready

As summer finally begins to make itself known around here (I know, everyone else is experiencing record highs, right?), last week I found myself feeling outsmarted again by our stuff."OK, everyone outside.""Wait, where's your hat?""Do you have sunblock on yet?""I don't know. Where IS the sunblock?""Who used the sunblock last?!"...more

The Great Downsizing Debate Continues

Jennifer Schwab Director of Sustainability,

Four Tips To A Chemically Free Mattress

Since 1976 The Futon Shop, a vertical retailer manufacturing organic and green futon mattresses for sofas and beds offer clean solutions for chemical free bedrooms From farm to factory. Their products eliminate the dangerous toxins that are harming American homes....more