The Most Important Thing You Can Do For The Planet

If someone asked you what was the single most important thing you could do to protect the environment, what would you say? Reduce energy consumption? Bring your own grocery bags to the store? Drive less? Eat less meat? There are all kinds of steps people take in an effort to go green. But what's the most important? ...more

1. Reproduction: replace yourself and that's it.
Lisa Hymas of Grist says the greenest thing ...more

The All-Purpose Cloth Napkin

We don't use cloth napkins as much as I think we should. It's a work in progress. ...more

Living Nicely: I'm usually so much "Nicer", but BP is starting to mean "being p----d"!

I had a lighthearted, upbeat post forming in my head when I woke up.Then I read the paper......more

Cheapest, Fastest Oil Fix? Pump Up Your Tires!

If you have a car, stop whatever you're doing and go check the air pressure of your vehicle's tires....more

How to Separate "Green" from "Greenwashing" When You Shop

In their eagerness to cash in on consumer demand for eco-friendly products and services, many companies are calling their goods "green" despite their decidedly un-environmental qualities. When you shop, these 5 steps can help you distinguish what's green from what's being greenwashed. ...more

So Many Books...So Many Colors

A task for the kid-less weekend… Yep. What do I do when the girls are at their grandparents and my wonderful spouse is at work? Organize our book shelf by color! Yes, I’m weird. (And just in case you think I’m nuts too, I also took walks and had lots of time to write.) I’d seen this long ago on some blog and thought, “Now that would really improve our bookshelf.” I’m always searching for ways to simplify things in our home since clutter and mess really drain my energy. I think I was expecting a little more results from the endeavor....more

I've had my bookshelves organized by color for... seven years.

I would not have it any other ...more

Living Nicely: Still Living

Almost two years ago,I joined the masses and started a blog, and like millions, I posted a few and then quit...A google search of "Living Nicely" made me rethink things.Out of 7,820,000 results, I was #3. Impressive as that sounds, I was #1 a few months ago.So my competitive nature has forced me to try again!I figure if I can spend countless hours wiled away on Facebook and all the 'Villes, I can make time for this.What is this?Just my take on Life......more

10 Reasons to Ditch the TV

1. The outdoors are calling you! 2. Fresh air does wonders for you and your family. 3. It saves electricity. 4. If you get up…you might just get some exercise. 5. It’s keeping you from being productive. 6. There’s nothing good on. 7. You’ve got a stack of books waiting to be read. 8. Heck, make your own drama. 9. You’ve been wanting to sit down and write for a while now. 10. Life is too short!...more