So Many Books...So Many Colors

A task for the kid-less weekend… Yep. What do I do when the girls are at their grandparents and my wonderful spouse is at work? Organize our book shelf by color! Yes, I’m weird. (And just in case you think I’m nuts too, I also took walks and had lots of time to write.) I’d seen this long ago on some blog and thought, “Now that would really improve our bookshelf.” I’m always searching for ways to simplify things in our home since clutter and mess really drain my energy. I think I was expecting a little more results from the endeavor....more

I've had my bookshelves organized by color for... seven years.

I would not have it any other ...more

Living Nicely: Still Living

Almost two years ago,I joined the masses and started a blog, and like millions, I posted a few and then quit...A google search of "Living Nicely" made me rethink things.Out of 7,820,000 results, I was #3. Impressive as that sounds, I was #1 a few months ago.So my competitive nature has forced me to try again!I figure if I can spend countless hours wiled away on Facebook and all the 'Villes, I can make time for this.What is this?Just my take on Life......more

10 Reasons to Ditch the TV

1. The outdoors are calling you! 2. Fresh air does wonders for you and your family. 3. It saves electricity. 4. If you get up…you might just get some exercise. 5. It’s keeping you from being productive. 6. There’s nothing good on. 7. You’ve got a stack of books waiting to be read. 8. Heck, make your own drama. 9. You’ve been wanting to sit down and write for a while now. 10. Life is too short!...more

Grilling Green

Does Memorial Day launch your summer barbecue season? Try these ideas for a barbecue Mother Nature herself would love.In the Market for a New Grill?...more

GreenMoms (GreenMums)- Torquay, Australia To Ban Plastic Bags

By Stacie Bobele, leader of GreenMoms- GreenMums Torquay, AustraliaI am currently working with a group of enthusiastic people to make our townTorquay plastic bag free. Tonight we kicked off our campaign with a moviecalled Message in the Waves. The film is based in Hawaii, and shows how agroup of dedicated and amazingly connected people are working to save theirislands from the onslaught of the world's plastics....more

Another Way to Go Green:

It’s spring cleaning time, and between the nesting and the mad-rush to get things into a comfy place before my husband returned to work, our house is feeling pretty “clean” at this moment. That is if you can look beyond the disassembled couch, sea of blocks, piles of books and dress-up strewn about the house. So, when I think of spring cleaning I think of not just cleaning, but getting rid of things, starting fresh for the year. And on that note… ...more

I noticed your links to go Isn't it

Contributing Editor ...more

Top Eight Things I Want for Mother's Day

By Melinda   Why top eight?  Because I could not think of ten things.  Ok, here is my list:   -happy, healthy children and husband   -a world where we all live sustainably and green.....  ...more

In honor of Earth Day - 10 tips on cleaning your bathroom without chemicals

No one really likes to clean, but we all have to do it. So here are some great tips to help you clean less and take the toxins out of the worst room in the house to clean. Try these tips and you will find you are cleaning less and using less chemicals when you do. That is a win-win for you and the Earth!1. Use liquid body soap instead of a bar. The liquid soap will reduce the soap build up on your shower walls and the drain.2. Shake or “punch” your shower curtain after you have gotten out of the shower....more

Earth Day 2010 - Green Cleaning

Picture your cleaning supplies. I bet at least one, if not many are synthetic based. It’s okay--you’re not alone. Some of mine are too. The average household has close to 60 synthetic chemical products laying around—from detergent to bleach to dishwashing liquid. But how many of those chemicals end up in the water? How many in the air we breathe every day? More than we realize. So how can we make not only our house, but our air, water, and land a little bit cleaner? With things you probably already have in your pantry. ...more