Save on Heating Costs

In many places, the cold weather has already set in. But here in Northern California, it is just starting to dip below the 70's. (Does it sound like I am bragging? 'Cause I am. I hate the cold.) Here's a few tips to help you save money this winter and use less energy.Open your blinds and curtains during the day. Though it is winter, the sun is still shining. Take advantage of this and keep your blinds and curtains open to let the sun warm your house. At night, shut the blinds to keep the warmth in....more


There are so many things that we can do in our everyday lives to help reduce waste and keep the Earth around for years and years to come.  In our city, we can recycle paper, all types of plastic (except #6), tin, aluminum, and cardboard.  Our family of 4 goes through so much recycling that we fill up our large container every 2 weeks.  Our actual garbage is maybe, maybe a bag a week. You would be suprised at how many people, young and old, who don't even give it a second thought and chuck everything in the regular garbage.  It's not like it costs extra to recycle...more

Green Rules For Back To School

If you have kids that are old enough for school then you’re already well aware that it’s back to school time! Most kids already started this week if not before the holiday weekend. It’s a great idea to teach your kids to be aware of their effect on the environment so why not incorporate eco-friendly rules for heading back to school? You should probably avoid the word “rules”, though. Your son or daughter will surely ignore you. Try “guidelines” or “suggestions” perhaps. ...more

My Relationship with Giant Redwoods

As we dumped our bags unceremoniously on the living room floor, grateful to be home after six hours on the 5, I noticed it still sat on the side table: the back issue of National Geographic dedicated to the giants. Though I'd read it, I hadn't been able to toss it yet, for how often does a magazine feature your favorite trees on its cover? Not just any trees, but the largest trees in the world - trees that predate Christ, trees found only on your coastline?They're dramatic, those trees....more

Why Babies are like Gardens

Before you become pregnant you pretty much take the baby's nine-month gestation period for granted. It's a system that works - right? Then you become pregnant and you start reading up on things and you learn out about spina bifida, cleft palates, heart defects, anencephaly, fused limbs, and progeria and you realize that with all that's got to go exactly right in those nine months it's a miracle any baby is ever born healthy at all....more

Printed Skater Dress + Green Blazer.

I’m in love with this dress. Flouncy, lightweight, great neutral pattern, flattering fit– I could go on and on. The strappy nature + cutout detail means a blazer is necessary to make it office-friendly, so I grabbed a bright green version. Who says you can’t mix brights + patterns? Not me....more

Wearable Technology: Building a Cyborg Culture?

  Wearable Technology: Building a Cyborg Culture?by Deborah Kattler Kupetz/DKK Events ...more

An "Epic" Film About Environmental Concerns

What really goes on in a forest? And why should we care? Is a forest just a bunch of creepy vines, trees too tall to climb, and annoying insects that bite and sting? Or is it a place where Nature works the magic the Earth needs every day to keep our world going strong?...more
biggreenpurse Thanks for the RT. Hope the EPIC campaign is going well!more

Recycle To Help End Domestic Violence

The Violence Against Women Act was a landmark victory when it was signed into law in 1994. Last month, the U.S. Congress again made history, voting to sustain funding to the Domestic Violence Hotline and other services, as well as enhancing it with added protections for survivors. Yet, even with these support systems in place more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends each day in the United States....more

5 Ways Germany is More Environmentally With it Than the U.S

I have been living in Germany for over a year now and I must admit that this country has their stuff together when it comes to environmental issues. Here's my list of 5 things Germany is doing right......more