Gotta Start Small to Go Big

Anybody remember President Obama’s recent State of the Union speech? We were watching it at the Sierra Club Green Home offices, excited to hear about his successes on the environmental front. President Obama is one impressive orator but according to that speech, he plans to: fix the economy; implement a new health care policy; complete the war in Afghanistan/Iran; rebuild our standing internationally; help impoverished nations; among other important problems to address – not to mention, foster the green movement and bring renewable energy to America....more

The Black and White on Going Green

Needless to say, I try lots of green products. Since we are still in the second inning of America going green, new products are just now entering the marketplace in slightly increasing numbers. I do my quarterly big box runs to examine just how close we are getting to green alternatives of everyday products. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have had the opportunity to test drive many new products and quite frankly the results are mixed....more

I Am Not a Guinea Pig (And Neither Are My Kids)

When I was a kid, my brother had guinea pigs. Fat little guys with stubby little legs that he desperately tried to train to do entertaining things like play soccer with a super ball and sniff out money (he was a little Alex P. Keaton-ish). Anyway, in my typical innocent upbringing I would never have imagined conducting toxicological tests on our little friends....more

The Green Movement is Color Blind

Addressing the fact that environmental organizations are predominantly white is  something we have put on the backburner for a long time.   Climate change is not subject to a specific age, race, or cultural group – it affects all of us....more

3 Types of Learners

A few days ago I did two things....more

Living Nicely: Is Cadmium Shrek's Kryptonite?

Poor Shrek! It appears he and his cohorts have fallen victim to cadmium. Am I making light of a serious subject? Maybe, but the media seems to be making a circus of this latest recall....more

Eating Disorders and Kids: Why we Need to Pay Close Attention

Sometimes my 2 year old toddler refuses to eat. Sometimes this last for 2 meals in a row.  Sometimes for 2 consecutive days. A close friend of mine’s seven year old child is overweight and snacks all the time....more

EDNOS is very prevalent, yet most folks have never heard of it. It's important that a person ...more

Tips on decreasing neurotoxins (which are linked to ADHD)

Here's an interesting piece by Annie Bond about the link between ADHD and neurotoxins. (Be sure to read the part about math class.)

Book Review: Organically Raised

By Melinda...more

GreenMoms (GreenMums)- Torquay, Australia To Ban Plastic Bags

By Stacie Bobele, leader of GreenMoms- GreenMums Torquay, AustraliaI am currently working with a group of enthusiastic people to make our townTorquay plastic bag free. Tonight we kicked off our campaign with a moviecalled Message in the Waves. The film is based in Hawaii, and shows how agroup of dedicated and amazingly connected people are working to save theirislands from the onslaught of the world's plastics....more