Let’s Go Green Together!

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, we wanted to share some quick and easy ways that you, as a new or expecting parent, c...more

Organize To Go Green

by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore It seems like everybody is talking about going green these days. Whether you turn on Oprah, flip open your favorite magazine, or eavesdrop at your local coffee house, everyone seems to be in on the green revolution. There are so many different ways to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into your family’s daily life....more

How to Explain Earth Day to Kindergarteners

I was asked to do something for my sons' Montessori class for Earth Day.  After a bit of thought, the following is what I did: ...more

Green Earth Day Crafts and Activities for Kids

By Melinda  ...more

Board Game Challenge. It's frugal, it's green, it's simple.

We used to have a habit in our house that somehow we slid away from.  It wasn't that we just stopped cold one day, but you know how it is.  Let's skip this tonight, there's too much homework.  Or there's laundry to do. ...more

Growing an Herb Garden When You Can't Grow Things

Confession: I have a tendency to kill living things. Things that happen to be green. ...more

While you're out herb growing, add a few varieties of lettuce. They're easy to grow and do well ...more

Handmade for Earth Day 2010 Auction by Team EcoEtsy

  Team EcoEtsy started its Handmade for Earth Day auction today.   ...more

Is it Possible to Live GMO Free?

By Melinda ...more

For the Love of Nature


You win this round, AT&T.

Had a great e-mail from AT&T today, inviting me to sign up for paperless billing and offering - as an incentive - to plant a tree on my behalf. They call it Go Paperfree and Plant a Tree.I love this for a few reasons.  ...more

It almost makes me want to return to paper billing and then revert back! I just like trees. ...more