Saving Energy & Eating Better

Elisa Woodwww.RealEnergyWriters.comThe US consumer wants food to be fresh, local and organic. But that means larger grocery bills in an economy where most people need them to be smaller....more

Pantone names Emerald Green as the 2013 Color of the Year - Here's to Prosperity!

  Green has often symbolized a color of serenity, harmony, and prosperity.  After a tumultuous 2012 (understatement) I had hoped 2013 would synthesize these elements to create a sort of symphony out of the cacaphony of my life.    Since fashion is a microcosm expressing current events and personal identity, I'm happy to see that we're ...more

Cloth coffee filters: my next sewing project

They want HOW MUCH for a pack of coffee filters?  This sticker shock hit me earlier this week when I put cone filters for my "4 cup" Cuisinart coffee maker on my shopping list.  First, I could not find any cone filters where I usually shop.  Then, when I finally found a package at Giant Eagle (a bus ride away from my home), I discovered an outrageous high price for just 100 white or brown coffee filters -- over $5.00!  My last purchase of coffee filters, in Cresson, Pennsylvania, cost me a mere $1.79 for a store brand. ...more

Growing Sprouts

Yesterday I wrote an article on microgreens and Windowsill Gardens. I had mentioned doing sprouts in a windowsill garden, and today that is the subject. Sprouts are a great addition to salad, or a topper on your steak....more

Merry Eco-Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and there is still lots to do. Shopping, cooking, parties, and traveling cn take a toll on you and your wallet. But be sure to try some of these easy and fun green tips that will help you be more eco conscious this holiday season and may even save some green from leaving your bank account!Decor...more

Tips For an Eco Hanukkah

The menorah has been lit, and the celebration of Hanukkah has begun. However, let us not forget to be eco-conscious. Check out some of these easy tips to have a healthy and green Hanukkah this year and every year....more

Gardening Tools You Need

I have been building my tools and items that I have for gardening. Today I thought that it would be a neat idea to talk about some tools that every gardener needs. These are the basic tools. While a Hori-Hori is a great tool to have, to get started in gardening, you wont need this. I’m talking about simple easy tools, or things that you can fashion until you can get something better. With out any more talk, let us get down to it....more

Can energy efficiency save a marriage?

Elisa We know energy efficiency can save the world, but can it save a marriage?Leave it to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to take on that question. The agency is known for its vanguard energy research.  But  it is one thing to produce papers on topics like ‘Air Bypass in Vertical Stack Water Source Heat Pumps’ and another to delve into what a cold room can do to a new marriage....more
Amusing. Love the part where you can see his breath and he still doesn't get that she has a ...more

Travel: Simplifying Without Wasting

It's like a mini-product purge (sort of) like I did here, or maybe we could call it just being more efficient. Efficiently simplifying! See, we end up with a bunch of product samples -- mostly freebies that were included as special offers, or free with a coupon deal. And sample-sizes are perfect sizes for purse necessities or diaper bag needs, and finally, of course, small sizes for travel....more
Use. Very handy.more