The Teflon-Coated Catch 22 of Kitchen Tools

It’s always scary for a green-minded parent when something sneaks up on you: the realization that your penchant for antique furniture could mean flaking lead paint or that your favorite brand isn’t as eco-friendly as you thought....more
No Teflon here and I don't use a bread machine. All baking, etc. by hand.more

Simplifying the Playroom: How to Choose Quality Toys

With so many options available, choosing safe, quality toys for your kids can be challenging and overwhelming. Fun toys that inspire creativity and imaginative play are an important part of learning and growing. But with so many bright, flashy toys on the market, your house can easily become cluttered with a sea of neglected plastic playthings....more

Turning over a natural leaf

I've been toying around with the idea of starting a blog for a while.  I have friends who blog and love it, but I didn't have a topic I felt like I could keep up on long term.  I sew, but I don't think I could really convey anything worthwhile over a computer.  I'm a mom, but do we really need yet another "look-how-cute-my-kid-is" or "is-anyone-else-going-through-this-completely-normal-thing-that-every-child-on-the-planet-does" blog?  No, I don't think so.  Finally, an idea came to me after a super stressful day courtesy of a three hour (not kidding) wait to have my...more

How to Clean naturally and save Money. Recipes Included.

How to Clean Naturally and save money. Recipes included. (via The Savings Wife)Bathroom Cleaning: 1.  All Purpose Cleaner/Window Cleaner:    Simply mix:  White Vinegar, Water in equal parts. If you cleaning something that needs something more simply heat in the microwave then use.2.  Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Mix 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 cup vinegar, pour into basin and let…...more

Lunchie Munchie Can Be Green and Bento

Lunchie Munchie! (South Park reference here, hah).Since buying the set of Lunchskins (and subsequently realizing I need two more: one set per family member who lunches), I've been brainstorming lunch box ideas for Sillyboy.  He's starting 1st grade in just two weeks, and his trusty lunch box from last year has seen much better days....more

Our Sandwich Has a New Skin

Creating A Greener Lifestyle is in the Hands of the Consumer: Buy All Natural Bed Frames

Choosing to purchase sustainable products is the first step to changing the global climate. Globally, forests are one of the most challenging factors in the world’s role to play in the transition to a new, greener economy, a theme discussed at the RIO+20 World Summit on Sustainable Development....more

Pinterest Project: Liquid Fabric Softener and Fabric Softener Sheets

I am really excited to tell you about this weeks project because it turned out so wonderfully, and I have added this to my laundry system in full confidence. ...more

Vote for me to Win $5000 Towards Our Community!

Please Vote for us in the Good Maker Challenge! ...more

Turning In My Crunchy Card

So, you know how you're at work, and you're talking to a coworker, and they're all, "Yeah, I know I said I'd do that for you, but I'm just so busy!" and you're like, "I know, me too.  It's just that..." and they say, "No, I'm really BUSY!"  and you're thinking, "YEAH I KNOW MAN WE'RE ALL BUSY, WE'RE AT WORK," because apparently this bitch thinks she's some sort of special kind of busy that you can't possibly understand?Yeah.  Get ready for a whole lot of that in this post....more
This totally cracked me up! Don't shoot, but I do successfully cloth diaper (have with 2 kids ...more