Chinese Chicken Salad

Hi there, how is everyone? I’m keeping busy with work, creating a new web site for my business, working through the tower of receipts for tax preparations (and, of course, the writing of the large checks ceremony), celebrating birthdays with family members, our anniversary, a little gardening.  ...more
 portlandpeeps This sounds really good and amazingly I have all the ingredients to make it! ...more

From the Mouth's of Babes! What Earth day means to kids!

    Check out this video montage from a Kid's-eye View of what they think Earth Day is all about!Remember to take time to protect our earth not just on Earth Day, but everyday! Stay Playful, Karen...more

Becoming 'Poo Free'

I started off 2012 with a resolve to stop shampooing my hair.Traditionally, anyway.I had heard of people doing this before, but because of the 'detox' period that was inevitable, I was unwilling to spend any amount of time with greasy looking hair. After constantly switching hair-care products, looking for something that would make my hair stronger and healthier, occasionally spending more money than I would like to admit, I was ready to try almost anything. ...more

Air Drying Roses

A LASTING ROSEThis time of year roses abound in grocery stores and florist windows.  Their beauty is easy to prolong by simply drying them.  Once dried, roses have numerous uses beyond floral designing, such as healing tinctures and aromatherapy, not to mention the mere process of preserving them is an artful experience.  A delicate Rose Water for linens or fragrant Rose Beads for necklaces can be made from dried roses.  The options are endless with these fail-proof guidelines listed below....more

Give a Green Valentine

Simple – that is really how I try to live, especially when it comes to different holidays. I don’t like to give into the mainstream celebrating and commercialism that surrounds them. Valentine’s day is really no different. Image: AlexanderY via Flickr ...more
I love the jar concept. That I can and will do... more

12 Uses For an Old T-Shirt

I hate to throw things out, and what I dislike even more is seeing items in the trash that are in perfectly good condition. It breaks my heard knowing that they will just sit in a landfill. I sometimes save random items from certain death in a landfill- don’t judge!...more
I have many old T-Shirts around here. Thanks for the unique ideas for recycling them into other ...more

Got me some kid-induced green guilt. How about you?

"Mom! He's putting those peels in the trash!"I look and it's true. C was peeling a tangerine and his four-year-old brother was dutifully taking the peels and putting them in the trash bucket.My older son was not, as you may think, praising his younger brother for his helpfulness, he was in fact pointing out his faux pas. Tangerine peels belong in the compost bucket, not in the trash....more
@paigewolf Thanks Paige. I'll check it out! As I was writing this post I was thinking, "this ...more

Reduce Your Carbon Car Print

While in Detroit a few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to meet some amazing green bloggers (Anna- Green Talk, Tiffany - Nature Moms, Jenn- The Green Parent and Diane-Big Green Purse), who are all part of the ...more

Wordless sneaky Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday, a simple post which features a photo to convey a message that speaks for itself without using words; well not a lot of words!...more

Reducing Your Paper Trail

Reducing the amount of paper you use daily is easier than you think. It just might take some extra effort on your part at he beginning to start out, but once it is all on in place, it should be second nature to go paperless!Just think of the impact your actions will have- about 90% of paper comes from trees, the majority of which are not sustainably harvested. By reducing our paper use we can reduce our support for this generally non-renewable industry. Therefore, here are 10 ways in which you can jump on the paperless bandwagon! I hear it is a fun ride....more
@Cindy, Never heard of mail stop- I will look into that! Thanks! :)more