Going green is good for your health

While most people make green changes to their lifestyle to positively impact the environment, green-doers usually benefit from an improved health and well-being. Here are some ways that going green is not only good for the planet, but also good for you:1-Revamping your diet...more

Trash in Cape Town

I realized one of my travel dreams recently, when I spent eight days on a holiday break in Cape Town, South Africa. The scenery was breathtaking, the weather perfect, the food delicious.And then there was the trash.Somehow, when you go so far away, to a place so exotic, you don’t expect to find the same problems you deal with day to day at home. I sure didn’t....more
I live in Cape Town and I so agree! Just today I walked in Sea Point and looked down at all the ...more



Trash Talking

For the record I'd like to say that I, for one, cannot wait until Falmouth adopts a pay as you go trash disposal system. I think we should all sit on the floor and spill out the refuse in our trash cans aka Colin Beavan (Mr. No Impact Man himself) and really look at it. ...more

Another Post About Reusable Bags

And here's another thing about plastic bags. At the Windfall Market (our town's independently owned grocery store) they deduct a nickel off your total for every reusable bag you bring in. Let's just say up front that a nickel is not much of an incentive to begin with but - I would argue that when I do remember to bring in my canvas bags I can fit four times as many groceries into them as I would be able to get in one plastic bag. So shouldn't I get 20¢ per bag instead of just 5¢? Shouldn't the policy be a nickel for every plastic bag I am saving the store by not using? ...more
touché! @Denisemore

We Don't Need No Stinkin (Reusable) Bags

Today's revelation -- you don't need to remember to bring your canvas bags to the supermarket. You can just walk in the entry and fish a plastic bag out of the plastic bag recycle bin! I did it today. Works great! Sure, the store bags aren't as flashy as my own reusables but it sure beats trying to carry everything to the car or stuffing it in your purse at self check - which is not only inconvenient but also looks kinda fishy.I plan to use the tactic on a regular basis - and hopefully embarrass my children with it....more
yup. same here. @Denisemore

Holding the Green Tongue

This holiday season, many of us will travel outside our eco-comfort zones - far away from recycling routines and compost bins - to households, cultures and regions where green habits do not exist. And there, our heads will explode - some quietly and some not....more
This is always the problem, isn't it? I wonder sometimes if I'm not an effective advocate ...more

On Ivory Billed Woodpeckers.....and Hope

Last night I watched the documentary "Ghost Bird" on the discovery channel. This feature length film dealt with the  possible rediscovery and recovery of the Ivory Billed Woodpecker.  I was not prepared for the way it made me feel....more
@georgerede thank you for your comment. I am going to read the article now and am sure I will ...more

Have a ball- a Joe Mohr cartoon

I love cartoons, but add some greenness to the cartoon and I am tickled green! I especially enjoyed them as a kid. But what kid doesn’t like cartoons, really? Joe Mohr uses his amazing writing and drawing talent paired with his humour to create one of a kind cartoons to get his environmental message across! I am lucky enough to be ale to share 5 cartoons with you over the next 5 weeks. Come back next Thursday to see another....more

My green story continues

I get asked this questions all the time: Have you always been this passionate about the environment? I most definitely have not always been like this. It has been a process; an evolution over the years. Read part one of my story here....more