Cancer: Love and Loss

With love in the air, roses on sale for $25 per dozen and Valentine’s Day looming up ahead, this question:Would you still marry your spouse if you knew you would walk beside him/her with aching heart as they endured cancer treatment; loss of appetite, loss of weight; became childlike before taking a final breath sooner — oh, so much sooner — than you had imagined? Would you still marry?Of course you would. Because the sweet years with your husband, your wife would be worth the pain of loss....more

Ground Control to Major Tom: Must We Grieve So Publicly?

David Bowie’s death a few weeks ago unsettled me—not the death itself, but the phenomenon that followed it. Initially, as my social media feeds filled with pictures, quotes and song links, I was uncomfortable and annoyed. Then I started to feel like a sociopath—the world was letting out this great, collective gasp in mournful unison.Why wasn’t I?...more
There are people who openly share their emotions on a daily bases and those that don't and keep ...more

7 Ways My Miscarriage Made Me a Better Mom

Two months after turning 40, my husband and I "pulled the goalie." Approximately 15 days later, I was pregnant. "But that was our first try!" I cried. "Who does that?" "This guy," my husband said, thumbs pointing at his chest. ...more
pinesandpalmettos Congratulations on your pregnancy! And thank you for sharing your story! Best ...more

Seeing Beyond the Flaws

Most of us have learned not to choose a book based upon its cover. I have certainly learned the hard way not to choose a wine by its label. So I don’t know why I continue to be sucked into a film by its trailer—but that is exactly what happened last night....more
LifeIsUnfolding I am so glad I didn't listen to the critics. This film contains such important ...more

Simple Human Connection

Forgiveness: My Sons' Painful Journey to Freedom

He was told he had two years to live, longer if he quit drinking. He didn’t quit. My ex-husband, Doug, decided that if he was going to die, he was going to do it his way and to hell with anyone that disagreed. This was nothing new, he was an alcoholic who thought only of himself. He had been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and Hepatitis C....more

Everybody's Not Fine

Grieving 101: tips from the inside

As I grieve the loss of my dad this week, I just wanted to pen some things while they are still fresh. These are practical things about the grieving process that just don’t get talked about much. It’s helping me to write them down…I hope it may help someone else who may be there too:– emotions and tears well up at the oddest of times. Go with it and don’t apologize…feel what you feel.– there is this weird convergence of grieving and having to do regular life. It is what it is....more

Grief and Gratitude

Grief and GratitudeThe light here begins to change in September. It softens a bit, reflecting off the leaves. The fauna seems to let out a collective sigh of relief from the harsh Texas summer. And yet, for me, it now comes with a heaviness that wasn’t there eleven years ago. A mixture of grief and gratitude....more

Dear Kindergarten Teacher

I am sorry to report that my son will be absent on the first day of school this year.You may not realize it, but his name is glaringly absent from your current roster.I walked by your classroom door just the other day and took note that his name wasn't carefully written inside a bright red apple taped around your window.He will never sit at a desk or hang his backpack on a hook.On that first day of school, which is coming upon me so quickly, I won't be walking him to the bus stop and crying tears as he drives away....more