Dear Dr. Romance: I Believe He's a Good Man at Heart

Dear Dr. Romance:My husband left to be with a much younger women. The problem became obvious in our marriage three years ago. I thought It would be something we would surpass....more

A Dog's Grief

Watching my father’s dog grieve is one of the most difficult parts of my own grief. This may seem like a ridiculous statement but I know why my father isn’t here, but his dog is lost and confused....more

Mourning a Father I Never Met

I've discovered that it is much easier to mourn a cat than it is to mourn a biological father you never met. I don't know how to do this and I want there to be some sort of rules, some program to follow, and once you follow that program you get to be done with the mourning and proceed to the living with grief until you're healed or as healed as you're going to be part. ...more

Live For Today

Four years ago, I was a happily married mother of three.  One sunny day in August, my sweetheart fell from the sky a world away.  He was on his way to volunteer his time and talents to a humble village in the mountians of Guatemala.  Unfortunately, the plane they were commuting on experienced a major mechanical error and crashed.  There were 14 people aboard the flight, of which 11 died....more

Slaying the dragon

I think of death more than most people.  It’s only natural when you come face-to-face with it so often....more

Chooseing Life After Loss

  I would love to say that for the last 25 years my life has been one perfect day after another, since I do not live in a book I can't say that. My life like any others has been a bumpy, not always perfect, sometimes harder than others, full of love kind of life. I have survived things I never thought I would and learned lessons I shouldn't of had to learn at such a young age. There has been wrong turns, right turns, bad moves , and good ones. I have laughed and cried (A LOT), but always found out the right thing to do for me and the ones I love. ...more

Finding Peace Within Your Heart

Even when the world seems to be spinning out of control, when you have peace within your heart everything is in harmony. Many have the misconception that having peace in their hearts means that there is no discord in their life. But this is far from the truth, peace brings you calm during the storm. No matter what you are going through in life, if you are at peace nothing can touch your spirit. You will go through life knowing that whatever happens, you will be safe. Turbulent times are still in your future, but you can handle all that comes your way....more

Chapter 6: The Windup Girl

4:30 in the morning and I’ve yet to fall asleep.  The digital clock next to my bed, with its glowing red numbers, mocks me as a I will my brain to shut down and, for the love of god, just let me fucking sleep!  I’ve tried everything, but the pills and the meditation tapes and the classical music… none of it’s working.  My brain just will not stop running....more
@4kidsmom Thank you.  I wrote this as part of a memoir that I've been working on.  This actually ...more

Spittin' on Fire

It’s so weird to be 43 years old and single again.  I so never expected this, or wanted this.  Yuck. Suddenly, even normal things seem confusing.  Like getting dressed.  I was dressing for a fun night out with another mutha the other night.  I put on a cute new top.  It had giant holes cut out of the shoulders.  I loved it.  My shoulders are thin and tan, the blouse was white and the fabric thin and drape-y....more

The Cycle Of Life

While sitting in Atlanta International Airport awaiting my connecting flight that would take me to my getaway spot for the next several days I kept telling myself that this trip was not to be squandered. ...more