I have thought a lot about other moms since my divorce nearly five years ago. We moved after we divorced and had to make a new set of friends. I tried at first to be the mom I had been before the divorce. We were at a new school and I wanted to volunteer and be that over-achiever mom I used to be, in another life, another place, another time....more

Not necessarily negative at all! I love playing with the word "creeping." It is very ...more

Cancer Sisters and the Scene By the Sea

As a pastor’s family, we are often given the honor of being involved in the different passages of life that affect various members of our congregation. Ten days ago, one of those passages came in the form of a memorial service for a church member’s daughter, Allison, who died of brain cancer at the age of forty-seven. She left behind a daughter in her teens and a son in his twenties. ...more

I really appreciated being able to read about Allison and the beautiful way in which you and ...more

Transformation is a Bitch

I spend my days wandering around in my new skin. The surface looks calm, skin held taut by muscles tight with uncertainty. A body—well dressed, hair in place, sunglasses masking windows that too few have either wanted or been able to peer into. So I wander, driving aimlessly, walking through stores, through people, dodging their thoughts and energies. This is my life; my new life, my new skin. Who am I becoming? What will I do? I think about my remodel. My house as it is being transformed, a material reminder of my new life, my newfound power....more

Mysterious Ways

I could never have imagined that my parents would not meet my son.It didn't once enter my thought process when I dreamed about having a family. In my mind, two sets of grandparents were always part of that equation.Being a parent without parents never ever crossed my mind.They should be here.My son should have two sets of grandparents....more

Divorce and the Death of a Family

            I am not sure how it began exactly, my interest in death. My daughters tell me (in their snarky teenage way) that I am obsessed with death. I disagree. I don’t consider my interest in death to be an obsession, merely a fascinating hobby, intensely diverting, and borne from a deep sense of personal loss. It is an interest I would describe as more compelling than obsessive. Death is present for me now in a way it has never been before; and I cannot look away, nor ignore its lingering stench....more

Loss & the Granola Experiment

How To Mend Your Broken Heart

by Gina Simmons, Ph.D....more

Casket Shopping

That was an experience I could do without.I went casket shopping.Now... I have come to learn that I am a comfort shopper.  I have never liked to shop but I have learned it is an excellent distraction.  Thankfully most of my consumer urges are directed towards Frenchy's (an outstanding used clothing outlet) so it is easier on the bank account.  That said......more

Saying Goodbye...

I said goodbye to my mother tonight.She's not there......more