How Did We Get Here? : How Fate Always Leads Your Heart Home

Do you ever wonder how you got where you are? How you got SO lucky? How come that horrible tragedy had to happen to you? Why did life bring you here? I've asked all these questions before. Sometimes I begged with hate and hurt in my heart for my fate to change. I begged to wake up from a bad dream because I honestly didn't think my life would get any better, I thought it was the end of the road, and that I would be sad for the rest of my life. but in reality it was just the beginning of the AMAZING journey I was about to embark on....more

An Unexpected Grief

(Sometimes we write to connect with others. Other times we write to connect with ourselves, our pain. This is one of those circumstances. This piece of writing is oblique and I know it.  Even so, I can’t bring myself to be otherwise. Yet.)  Will you weep with me? Share my woe? Then perhaps it will be halved, divided....more

A Daughter's Nightmare

On August 25 I received the worst phone call of my life. My 21 year old brother called me in a panic to tell me that he, along with my parents, were in a horrible car accident on their way home from a week long fishing trip. My brother and mother both sustained mild to moderate injuries. However, my father died on impact. It is strange to say this but knowing that makes me fell relieved....more

Pressing The Unfriend Key

Sometimes we choose  our friends and sometimes we are blessed with others that tend to fall into our lives by accident....more

The Box

      I decided it was time to reveal another side of Meno Mama, one that I've never shared here before. You know me for my humor and subtle sarcasm.  But there is so much more. As hesitant as I was about posting this story, a good friend advised me to "write without fear, live without fear."  And for that reason, I'm sharing this today.     No worries, Folks. I promise to bring back all the funny that you know and love next week!...more

Do Books on Grief Make Grief Harder?

I didn't want anyone telling me how to grieve or giving me advice on something so crippling and unforgiving. I didn't want someone telling me it would be okay eventually or that I needed to move on and this was how to do it. I did read two books, but mostly memoirs of those who had babies die before me. I craved that literature, as I wanted to know I wasn't alone. But a psychiatrist's point of view about how to handle the worst thing conceivable? I wanted nothing to do with those words. ...more
Spot on. For the record, I hated Tear Soup, the only book I opened as well, and then shut half ...more

Horse Shows After My Father's Death

Now I understand why my mom didn't want me to start riding horses again. It wasn't that she thought it was too dangerous or too expensive (although I'm sure that was part of it). It was because she dreaded the phone call she received today – me in hysterics....more

Letter to Dad

Dear Dad,So your son found a video of you on YouTube. I don’t even think you knew what YouTube was but you made it on there before I did. LOL… It was so amazing to see you on there and hear your voice again. I can freeze frame the video and it is like you are looking right at me. I really miss talking to you and thought maybe I’d write you a letter here to let you know how I am doing....more

The Cemetery

This scenario happens to me at least four times a week: I am going about my day, usually in a good mood, and then I drive by the cemetery and my world comes crashing down around me. I obviously know where the cemetery is, but I always forget to avoid it. It comes seemingly out of nowhere....more

Babies are not supposed to die. End of story.

Ever since that dreadful, beautiful day where I held and lost my son, I felt a strong need to keep his memory alive. This was not an easy task....more