Friday Wrap-Up, February 6th, 2015

It's been a decent week. Nothing too dramatic. I did get to see someone at the Hospice where mom died and I'll definitely be utilizing their services. Group work after I get back from BC, and wellness therapies as soon as possible. Those include complementary massage therapy, Reiki, and reflexology, etc, for up to two years. The insomnia is back in full force and I need the help in getting my body back in balance....more

I Never Thought I'd Write About A Near Death Experience

You always get to read about someone else's near death experience. You see and hear stories on TV or read about them and it always shocks you or sends a chill down your spine. You think "wow, I could never imagine going through that". You tell yourself and pray that you never have to experience anything that scary. Next thing you know you're in a car, feeling every single time it rolls over, hearing your friends yelling, brakes screeching and metal crushing and all of a sudden you're wondering to yourself if this is going to be the moment you die or not....more

Death, Grief, and the Power to Heal

  October 6thI was driving to a meeting when my cell phone rang. It was my sister, Donna.“Where are you?”“I’m driving.”“Pull over.”...more

On Being the Third Mama

  I hesitated several times before making this post- for many reasons.  ...more

Christmas, Again

This was our second Christmas without my mother.We set a place for her near our tree, her wedding picture alongside a lit candle, before we began our Christmas Eve. It has been 16 months without her, and moments of her still sneak into my day. It's a surprise where they come from—I can't trace what calls these thoughts out, because I will be in the middle of something unrelated to her, like washing out my son's lunch box, and then I'm suddenly standing still, remembering how she never liked driving in icy weather. ...more

Who's Raising Who? Fourteen Years Of Being A Mom

 "And you can tell everybody this is your songIt may be quite simple but now that it's doneI hope you don't mindI hope you don't mind that I put down in wordsHow wonderful life is while you're in the world"-Elton John, Your SongMy brother died 10 days before my wedding. I was caught between suffocating despair and the happy prospect of marrying the man I love. But I didn't think I'd ever feel pure joy again. I couldn't imagine joy in a world without my brother....more

Untitled. Because how do I possibly know what to call this?

I am grieving.I hate that word, “grieving.”My grief is acute. It’s the pain when you first break your leg. The sharp pain that makes you gasp and you can’t breathe because it hurts so much and consumes you. Maybe if the situation had been different I would have more chronic grief. The dull, constant ache that comes later, after you’ve worn the cast on your leg but the pain doesn’t fully go away.I know I need to write, I know I want to write. But there is absolutely, not a chance in the world, that I can write anything coherent. So I will just….write.—-...more
Denise Thank you so much, Denise.more

Being Josh's Mom

My 8 year old son died on July 7, after a 13 day battle with E. coli. This post is adapted from what I read at the celebration of life event we shared with family and friends....more

Six years

Six years and one day ago my cousin was born.As the oldest of 13 cousins, new babies aren't something I'm unaccustomed to. This one, however, was different.She was the first baby born since my grandpa passed away.She was also the last new grandbaby my grandpa knew about....more