So Sad Monday

     We are a bit behind everyone, in fact we're even late by our own standards.  Today the kids and I packed away the final remnants of Christmas decorations.  Why does this simple  task leave such a sense of gloom over the house? I can't imagine we are the only ones who feel this way....more  Robin, Thanks so much for sharing.  While sympathy is always welcome it is ...more

Some Years Are Not Meant for New Year Resolutions

God, what a damn mess, taking down a brittle dead Christmas tree is. And after all my boasting about what a steal-of-a-juicy-spruce our $39 Home Depot tree was, lasting over a month – it was still alive! Well, from across the room, anyway, from a safe vista distance, it still looked alive.... ...more

Why I'm Silent

Since the tragedy in Newtown, I've largely remained silent.  Why?  Because I refuse to be drawn in to minutiae.  I will only grieve for those lost.I will not speculate on motive.  The gunman is dead.  Let the detectives conduct their investigation. I will not blame Asperger's Syndrome.  Every child I have ever known who suffers with it has been a gentle soul.  The authorities have not determined the exact mental illness involved.  Let them do their job....more

Son Of A......$#@%^

For those of you who read The Grief 365 Badge, this is the unexpected 4am follow up.  For those of you just tuning in, go and do your homework. Just kidding! My family will not be together this Thanksgiving Day.  My father had to work, my brother will go to his in laws house, my family has flown south with my in laws, to Florida to escape, and my mother will be having the time of her life spending Thanksgiving in heaven.  ...more

The Grief 365 Badge

 Well dear readers, I apologize for not having written lately.  I have been a bit tongue tied.  With the impending first anniversary of my mother's death, I have been purposefully been avoiding digging too deep.  I have had a couple of crying fits, and have been trying not to remember the details of the days leading up to the day of her death.  Those memories find a way of creeping in anyway.Well, today is the day I am ripping the band aid off.  No more avoiding writing about the first anniversary..... ...more

The last time I cried

NaBloPoMo November 2012 Prompt Thursday, November 22, 2012: Unfortunately, this one is all too easy to answer. Instead of going over it all again, though, I'll direct you to the details I already wrote (in case you missed the post): Dear Spidercat ...more

Abre Los Ojos, Open Your Eyes

Life is a funny thing. One day you're here and you're laughing with your kids and the next day you're not. (Bear with me, ya'll, this post is basically just a long, rambling, run on sentence.)...more

How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?

With Thanksgiving only a week away, here’s a reminder about how to help mend a broken heart at holiday time Remember, if I can do it, you can too....more

Queen Anne - 18 Pregnancies, No Living Children

   I've been very interested in British history since I've been living in the UK, especially reading about the people and events that surround places that I've visited. I also really enjoy reading historical fiction. ...more

Cost of Freedom Tribute - The Travelling Wall

My father served in the Army in Korea. He was there when Kennedy was shot. He used to tell us "War Stories" after dinner around our table. The stories he told were about the crazy, funny antics of military life. They were never the serious, sad, losing people stories. We were little girls....more
@Cindyhuber Thank you, Cindy. That means a lot to me, especially since I so appreciate your writing!more