A Lament For Job's Dead Children

As I drove to church early Sunday morning, I heard a gospel song on the radio that had the following refrain, "God gave Job twice as much as he had before."...more

Saying Goodbye to Your Ex Best Friend

I recently stumbled over a scrapbook I had made a few years ago and inside it were photos of my best friend and me. My heart broke because my best friend is no longer in contact with me. I don't want to throw it away, just like I don't want to remove the photos of us that are in almost every single photo frame on my wall. I love the memories and I never want to forget them, but seeing them makes me miss her and feel extremely sad. How do you get over losing your best friend?...more

Allowing Grief

Each week at my favorite Al-Anon meeting, a member takes a turn to bring up a topic, usually pertaining to something going on in their own life.  This past Sunday the topic was grief.  Up until that meeting I hadn't actively thought about the word in relation to what we've been going through these past couple of months.  I've felt fear, major anxiety, anger, frustration, worry and a variety of other emotions, but grief hadn't really crossed my radar....more

Four Weeks and a Funeral

 A month ago, I followed Alice in Wonderland and fell down a mysterious rabbit hole and experienced events that must have been orchestrated by the crazy rabbit and the hookah-smoking caterpillar. I soared, laughed, cried, and crawled through a series of events that changed my life forever....more


My father-in-law died this week, a little more than a year since my mother-in-law passed. The year without his beloved Rose Marie was torture for him. He spoke of her often and of his desire to be united with her.   He left peacefully on a Tuesday evening, surrounded by his children. My sad, sweet husband was there, along with his two sisters....more


We were parked haphazardly in a gravel driveway.  If I rolled down the windows and listened hard enough I could hear the faint notes coming from Mrs. Duncan's piano studio. My oldest son was playing. ...more

A Hug is Worth a Thousand Words

Ripped Away

June 14, 2001 -CaliforniaI was on top of the world...bursting at the seams..literally and figuritively.One and a half days of work until my maternity leave started.I wanted a few days to put the finishing touches on the Curious George nursery.Some time to enjoy being a husband and wife before we became a daddy and mommy.I was doing meaningful work I loved with fantastic, supportive co-workers....more

What Might Have Been

Dear JB,I can't celebrate my oldest son's birthday without thinking of you because it is yours as well. Or was yours-though you left us a week before you turned eighteen. You would have been twenty-nine this year and I can't help but imagine how differently life would have been had you not beenripped away. ...more

I Was An Unexpected Pallbearer.

He stepped out into the bright sunlight and paused to let his eyes transition from the hospital's harsh florescent lights. He was very aware of the typical hustle all around.Cars. Noise. Errands. Lists. Jobs. Responsibilities. Life. Kids to pick up from school. Phone calls and texts to answer. Groceries needed for dinner. Gas to put in the car. Bills to pay. Stores to open.He was surprised to see that everything was still moving. Almost shocked to see that everyone was still carrying on with their days....more