When Families Evolve: What Happens When We Lose Our Matriarchs?

This holiday morning, I read one of those "Dear Dad" Facebook posts from a son missing his dad on this holiday. Easter was always very important to his dad, and he passed away this year, so the pain is fresh and his absence palpable. We often see such posts because, of course, families around the globe gather at holidays. Our mothers, especially, play huge roles in uniting us. The thought makes me wonder, what happens to families that lose the matriarchs and patriarchs who brought those families together? ...more

Advice to Couples From a Widow

I used to fantasize sometimes about what it would be like if Dane and I got a divorce. I thought that might just be the best deal ever; I still get my fabulous kid, but I also get a break from her and get some time where I wouldn’t have to care for anyone but myself. I wouldn’t have to rely on someone who I felt was unreliable. I wouldn’t have to share decision-making or, more often, make all of the important decisions by myself....more

Evolution of the Heart

The grieving process; its like trying to make water do what you want it to. It's all over the place is it's liquid state. Like an ocean wave or a babbling brook, we can look at it, touch it, but in the end, it all just seem to run through our fingers when we try to make it do what we want it to do. Grief and Water; The fascinating thing about them both is their miraculous ability to change forms. Some times through the changes, beautiful ice sculptures or amazing cloud formations are born....more

Existing in a World My Dad Doesn’t

Fourteen years ago today my daddy died. The years go by but the story remains the same....more
Another Housewife melaflin  6 months today......hard so hard.  thank you for writing.more

On Love and Loss: Hearts on a String

"She says it's important," my husband said, pushing the phone towards me."It's not important," I said, sidestepping my daughter, trying to reach the wall, hammer and nail in hand."She said to put you on the phone," he urged.I took the phone from his outstretched hand."What is it?" I said, peppered with the frustration of my daughter shrieking in the background."Gram passed away today," she said, emotionless."Oh. Okay. Wait - What?" I asked incredulously. My husband and daughter had left the room....more

Running With It

I hesitated on writing a post regarding this subject, but I want this blog to be me through and through and this is a big part of me.  This past Saturday marked 8 years since we lost my dad to pancreatic cancer, a ruthless and unforgiving disease that desperately needs more attention in order to obtain a fighting chance for those who suffer from this illness. The day comes around once a year (as all days do) and sometimes it hurts, sometimes I don’t feel any different at all, and sometimes the memories are enough...more

Why I Have Never Done Drugs

www.sweetpinklemonade.com/why-i-have-never-done-drugs/  ...more

Remembering @TrappedAtMyDesk: What a Life Looks Like in Tweets

What do we leave behind us?I’m not talking about leftover food or dirty laundry. I mean what happens when we’re gone?...more
Heather2run TrappedAtMyDesk I watched it this morning and cried so many tears.more

Personal Blog Challenge #2 - Mummy

This challenge is killing me...basically whatever I don't want to write about, that's what gets pulled from the bag. Sigh. The prompts I put it in the bag speak to things hidden deep down, so I have to hash it out with myself!*deep breath* I press on....more

Hope During the Holidays (Jax Takes His First Steps)

Truthfully, the holidays aren't as bright as they used to be.I used to look forward to this time of year. For many years, the only time I could catch a flight home was during the holidays - I looked forward to that time for months. The anticipation and excitement of seeing family and friends put a bounce in my step and cheer in my heart....more
Denise Now he's non-stop! It's so amazing and fun!more