My Mother's Body Got Lost

I'm trying to plan my mother's funeral, but we have a problem. We can't find her. My mother passed away Saturday after a long illness. I had all the funeral arrangement planned months in advance, so I was prepared when the inevitable happened. After she died, I contacted the proper authorities to transport her body 100 miles to her hometown of Wendell, Idaho for the funeral and burial. ...more
Glad to hear you found your mother. I know it must have been a frustrating time. I've heard the ...more

Good Grief

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Guided Imagery Tools to Help You

Brenda Coffee@1010ParkPlacehttp://www.1010parkplace.comTwo weeks ago I wrote about how each of us needs to step back from our busy lives and find time to be still; to connect with our voice within. If you’ve never heard that little voice, then you’re not listening. I’m not talking about hearing voices. I’m referring to our internal compass that’s privy to things we’ve forgotten; things we don’t want to remember; the instinctual thing deep inside us that says, “Don’t walk down that street.”...more


She sits on the couch in complete darkness, hugging a worn pillow so tightly her fingers go numb.  The silence is sharp and she imagines she can actually hear the tears as they escape despite her best effort.  She flinches at the wetness and vows to imprison her emotions more tightly; even as she feels the pressure building in her chest, even as breathing becomes more difficult because of the force of her feelings.  She knows it’s a lost cause....more

Life Continues

and I wish I could put it on hold. I know that's not possible but that's how I feel. I'm kind of on autopilot right now. I'm trying to catch up with my classes, continue with the sale of the house, and deal with all of the tedious estate things that go along with death. I really can not grieve the way that I need to because I have to stay focused on my classes. If I let go now, I don't know if I'll be able to get back up....more

When You Tell Yourself You Are Ok And Realize You Are Not

When you are 5, and your world falls apart, your heart learns to protect itself. When your only sense of security shatters, you learn to calm the panic rising into your throat. When the hurt in the frailest parts of your soul scream in agony, you force it to stay inside. You tell yourself it doesn’t matter anyway. You are fine. You are strong. You can manage....more

An Anniversary Letter To You

Today shouldn’t be a day of grief. It should be a day of celebrating the strongest love I have encountered. On this day of which I wont say how many years ago! (your welcome) Two of the most influential people in my life were joined together with the simplest of words “I DO." My beautiful grandmother who has taught me compassion, trust, and to love blindly and my amazing grandfather who has taught me humility, respect, and that us females are always right! ...more

My Husband's Suicide

(Piece originally written in 2004; updated in 2006 &  2014. Since I am new to this whole “blogging” thing, I wanted to give my new readers some more background as to who I am, where I have been, and where I am going.  It’s been a journey.  As it continues, I hope you enjoy taking it with me at

Sharing My Story - Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness

I have two babies that died.I don't really talk about it and I don't think I've ever written about it before. Not because I'm ashamed, but because what happened seems so intensely private to me.I have come to realize though, that I have found healing in hearing the stories of others and realizing that I'm not alone. It is my hope that my story will help someone else....more

A Miscarriage: A Soul Acknowledged then Released

I have always considered myself blessed with ten pregnancies which resulted in nine healthy babies and only one miscarriage. I thought that I knew how to handle a miscarriage, emotionally and spiritually. I thought I had done everything right by this little one who died before birth.I was mistaken....more