Life is Hard

A boy breaks your heart Another boy breaks your heart You have to break a boys heart You lose a relative You lose a parent You lose a best friend<...more

Sad music can heal your broken heart by rewiring your brain

New research published in 2013 shows that people prefer certain music based on recent experiences. So if you just got in an argument with a rude person in the parking lot, you'll want to get in your car and listen to "angry" music. Ditto with a bad break-up and sad music. Music therapists explain that matching your music to your mood makes you feel understood, wich in turn provides a release that (eventually) allows you to move on with your life....more

Fudge for my Grandfather

 This morning my papa left this world and my heart is very heavy. And although I am an aspiring writer, I feel incapable crafting of any appropriate, non-cliche words to dedicate to him. As an aspiring chef, I dug into my memories and created this fudge....more

Life After Sibling Loss: Why My Son Has Siblings

At the age of three, I was given a gift, a sweet sister. Like most older siblings, I didn’t always feel like she was a gift. My sister went from being a young toddler following my every move and adoring me to being fiercely independent as a teenager. Lots of hair pulling and squabbles over small things, like our Barbie doll collection, is what I can recall from our childhood....more
Thank you for sharing your heartwarming story with us Sharon. So many emotions. Loss of a ...more

Until it Happens to You

  I realize it is a bit unorthodox to write about things that are painful.  But I promised myself, and those who read these posts, that I would ke...more


 Mama...   ...more

Lost In... Grief

 Lost In... Grief By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee         ...more

How Did We Get Here? : How Fate Always Leads Your Heart Home

Do you ever wonder how you got where you are? How you got SO lucky? How come that horrible tragedy had to happen to you? Why did life bring you here? I've asked all these questions before. Sometimes I begged with hate and hurt in my heart for my fate to change. I begged to wake up from a bad dream because I honestly didn't think my life would get any better, I thought it was the end of the road, and that I would be sad for the rest of my life. but in reality it was just the beginning of the AMAZING journey I was about to embark on....more

An Unexpected Grief

(Sometimes we write to connect with others. Other times we write to connect with ourselves, our pain. This is one of those circumstances. This piece of writing is oblique and I know it.  Even so, I can’t bring myself to be otherwise. Yet.)  Will you weep with me? Share my woe? Then perhaps it will be halved, divided....more