What's All The Hoopla About The Dyson Hair Dryer?

Once in a while a product comes along that creates so much buzz that we all want to try it; the Dyson hair dryer is one of those gadgets. It's been covered on sites like TechCrunch and Engadget and described as one of the most advanced blow dryers on the market. But is it really worth the insane $399 price tag?! I mean seriously?...more

Grow Your Hair Faster With These Healthy Foods

We all love the look of long, healthy, shiny tresses but growing your hair can take quite some time. The average hair growth is approximately half an inch per month but it could be a lot of slower if you are't getting in the essential nutrients and vitamins to feed your hair. Here's a list of foods and nutrients that will make your hair grow faster. Eat Foods In High Protein ...more

How to Get the Best Hair Weaves


3 Excellent tips to stop itchiness of the beard

You plan on growing the perfect beard, but you will have to go through the tough journey of constant itchiness on your face. Having an itchy beard is the main reason why most of the men give up hope on growing the perfect beard. The first week is a tough journey but if it begins to worsen up then you a person can’t take such torture on their face anymore. ...more

SImple Wavy Hair Tutorial

Hi, everyone! I just filmed my first hair video, a simple wavy hair tutorial. I would love if you watched it, I will put it below for you. I also wanted to do a post too just so it’s on the blog as well. Happy Monday to you and I hope your week is off to a wonderful start. So here we go!...more

How To Add Volume To Fine Hair

Do you want thicker, more voluminous hair? If you have fine or thin hair, it is possible to improve your hair's thickness and add volume with the right diet and a few styling tricks. Eat More Steak ...more

All The Things You've Been Fooled To Believe About Your Hair

How can you get from bed hair to a perfect hairstyle? The secret is knowing how to style the type of hair you have. A great stylist is a stylist who knows how to work with any type of hair, regardless how high or low the density or the thickness. If anyone tries to make you believe fine hair can't be styled or that coarse hair can't be very dense, you need to know this is not true. How do I know?...more

5 Blow Drying Mistakes You're Making

Few things in life make a woman feel as good as getting a perfect blowout but it can be difficult to recreate your hair stylist's style at home. Luckily it is possible to achieve the perfect blowout at home. Here's a list of the most common blow drying mistakes that may be sabotaging your results. Not Removing All Excess Moisture ...more