How to Wear a Head Scarf

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DIY Lemon Hair Gel

I Chopped ALL My Hair Off (for the 3rd time)!

 That’s right, I’m officially the crazy scissor lady! On a complete whim, I cut all my hair off yesterday....more
I am about ready to do the same thing. LoL but idk I've only been post BC for a year and some ...more

Mixed Chicks Product Review

Hello:  recently we received a box full of Mixed Chicks goodies;We started with Mixed Chicks Hair Silk.  I'm very impressed with the product and I can't wait to try the rest of the line. To read our full review please click: CaramelCurlz & Swirls ...more


HI!Welcome to my blog! AND thank YOU for stopping by!This is a blog where I plan to share all my tips and tricks in day to day life. things such as; hair, beauty, nails, cooking, health, mommy trick ect.I hope you take the time to follow me through this journey that I am about to embark on! Janelle. xox...more

Welcome to Adulthood. It's 2013.

So most of you know by now that I have a distinct and finely tuned ability to turn most fun situations into low-level anxiety and am cursed with the thought that inanimate objects have feelings. So when you couple these two things, you have a perfect storm of crazy that really should be studied....more

Learn How To Get The Look of Bangs without Cutting Your Hair!

BlogHer asked if I wouldn't mind choosing a video from their vast inventory of BlogHerTV segments and recreate one of the beauty or hair tutorials to share with you... so of course I agreed! I looked around for a bit, learned a few new tips and tricks, and settled on this fun little ditty below; wherein Judy creates bangs with her long hair without actually cutting her hair. ...more
I have waist length hair, and my family has been bugging me to cut it short, and have bangs. I ...more

Hair Me Out

Hair.One of the most important parts of a girls every day.Today I decided I would tell you all about my favorite things that I use to do my hair....more

A Hair Product That Has Changed My Life

For years, I was a supporter and loyal customer to Dove; they have great advertising campaigns and an inspiring social mission: Inspire A Girl In Your Life ...more

Super Cute & Super Simple Hairstyle Idea!