how to strenghten your hair with mayo and eggs

do you ahev dry, frizzy, or damged hair that just doesnt want to cooperate with any style you want to try? that was my hair, about 2 months ago. i love  the sleek straight look, but i didnt realize thedamage i was doing: blowdryign my hair for 30 min, straighting it up to 3 times a day (yes, i would go to the bathroom to straightnen my hair, it just didnt like to stay straight on one side) i used a heat protection spray the first time, but never the  2nd, or the 3rd) i made this little discovery o ne night i was making develed eggs....more

Professional Style Options While Transitioning

In my line of work it's hard to find acceptable style options while transitioning from relaxer to natural.  When it comes to the news biz, there are so many hidden rules.  The bosses won't say to your face, "We don't want you to wear your naturally curly hair."  However they would probably say, "Your hair looks much better straight."  To avoid running into legal problems, they're careful with choosing the right words.  ...more

More Than Her Curls: What My Daughter Taught Me About Beauty

I am the first to unabashedly admit that I love my daughter Frankie’s hair. It’s fairy tale hair: long, blond spirals down to the middle of her back. Little girls on the playground call it princess hair; older women stop us in grocery store aisles and can’t help but comment on how pretty it is. My daughter, to her credit, says thank you then rolls her eyes once backs are turned. I gush, “I wish it were mine!” ...more
Frankie is very matured, amazingly, for her age to say,  “You thought I wasn’t going to be ...more


How's everyone's spring break gone this week. It has been a real soggy one here for sure for the kiddos. I've taken the opportunity to get some home time under my belt and a tad of painting....more

Flaxseed Hair Gel Made From Scratch

For years I've struggled with buying the right oils and moisturizers for my hair.  My tresses are fine, so adding too much oil tends to weigh it down.  Not to mention hair products in general can be pricey.  Rather than break the bank, my friend Dana recommended that I make my own natural gel.  She gave me a recipe for Flaxseed gel. Check it out!...more

Hair Saga

Yes. If you are a woman you know. that hair is a never ending saga full of horrible dye jobs. hacked hair cuts and if your lucky. the occasional good hair day. I. since that fateful emotional hormone induced seizure which ended in me telling the stylist to cut all my long beautiful hair off and the stylist transforming me into Liza Minnelli. :jazz hands: I have been growing it back out. My hair grows fast. Which is good....more
Short hair requires too much maintenance for me. I can be much lazier about my hair when it's ...more

Add volume and cut your blow dry time in half! here's how!

Much Ado about a Do

I did it. It is embarrassing to admit, but a few years ago I paid $350 to do one of those Keratin straightening treatments on my hair. I wanted silky tresses again. See, I used to have them. But the hormones and perhaps incredibly poor nutrition during a few pregnancies transformed once perfectly decent hair into a logistical nightmare of four different textures. My hair is a mishmash of corkscrew curls, some frizzy waves, some straight and some confused....more
I think it is women who are obsessed with blonde hair, much more so than women. And, speaking as ...more

Wearing Someone Else's Hair on Your Head: Part 2

If this post had a sub-head, it might be: "Whether or Not to Listen to Your Common Sense"...