Confessions Of A True Blond

Once my hair grew back after chemo was over, I decided to let it go au natural for once in my life. My hair dying days goes back many moons, to when I was 13 and used Sun-In. Prior to that, my cousin Barbara and I used pure squeezed lemon juice before we headed into the sun, and that worked so well that my mother was/is convinced that my hair lightens all by itself in the summer sunshine. I know there is some truth to that because I watch my kids go from blond to bleached blond every summer too....more
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I have been a hair designer for 25 years and have never come across stories about the things clients will say to you.......or funny things that happen at the salon.  For example....when I first started behind a chair, inexperienced, scared, nervous and worried, I had to show the girls I could do hair. Client #1.  Poor thing....more

Recreating Classic Beauty

Blame it on the day job, but we feel beautiful when are making others feel and look their best. Our latest and greatest projects have included updating old classics into fresh new looks that radiate both glamour and beauty....more

Staring Back...When Your Daughter Looks Different

My daughter was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010.  Besides the fact that she's still in treatment she's just a normal 7 year old girl... It's human nature to look at something you don't understand.To look longer to try to get an idea of what it is you are seeing.An extended gaze that often turns into a stare....more

Lighten your hair with honey

Safe way to lighten your hair with 1-2 tons. It can be used as often as necessary - sometimes it takes more than one application for visible results....more

Q&A With Dinair Airbrush Makeup Artist Dina Ousley

If you only had an hour to apply hair and makeup to 30 live singers and dancers at the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards Governors Ball, do you think you could do it? We’re not talking regular foundation and mascara beauty staples either - try airbrush makeup compressors and rose bud hairstyles (hair that literally looks like a flower!) on for size.Still think you’d be up for the challenge?...more

Ovation Cell Therapy Review

Hi! I’m Alison.  I started using Ovation Cell Therapy on 7-16-12 and I love the product so far! I was going to do a video blog, or “vlog” as some may say, but I don’t have the patience to edit, so here I am blogging!...more
So are you still using Ovation or was this a bust?  My hare has been braking and I am looking ...more


This is my first post.....Hmmmmm I'm gonna have to figure this out!  :-)...more
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A Frugal Trend

Have you seen the stars lately with the different colored streaks and tips in their hair?  Here's a frugal way to get the same effect for your kids and grandkids.  Or maybe even's fun!!Chalk!!  Yes...artist chalk...and it doesn't have to be the expensive stuff.  You can use the chalk from the dollar store!Steps to chalking hair.1.  Wet the section of hair you wish to color....more

Because It'll Be Even More Ridiculous When I'm Sixty

...Because It'll Be Even More Ridiculous When I'm Sixty   ...more