My Painful Hair Journey

Hey there! Happy Wednesday!Being a blonde is a lot of work and I made the mistake last year to over bleach the shizznits out of my hair, which ultimately killed it and resulted in super dead, dry, crusty locks. I had no problem cutting it last September....more

Your hair needs help!


Why You Should Take the Plunge & Cut Your Hair

Let's face it, deep down you've already decided to go for it - you just need one last push into that salon chair. Do I think you should cut your hair? Hell yes! Here's why... ...more
Get it, girl!more

Remington Perfect Bun Review & Tutorial… sort of | Hobbs & Hayworth

Our favorite sassy Southern mamas are at it again! It’s a new episode of Hobbs & Hayworth. (Did you miss the first one? Check it out here.) Audrey and Harmony review the Remington Perfect Bun thingy. Remington Perfect Bun Review & Tutorial… Sort of ...more

4 Nutrients to Eat for Better Skin & Hair

Ever wonder how some people achieve porcelain skin or that perfect, split-end-free, shiny hair? Most of us assume its genetics or that we need to spend half our paycheck at the salon for glam results. We’re probably right. But some research shows an association between certain vitamins and minerals and these celeb results. Does this mean we can eat our way to glowing skin and hair? Tune in for the 411 on some specific vitamins and minerals that may help  ...more

The best shampoo for scalp psoriasis

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My Pretty Elastic Hair Ties // BWB Business

I am so excited I just can’t hide it! ...more

Hair Accessory Organizer

There are so many cute ideas out there for making your own hair accessory organizers it can be a little overwhelming. I myself have always been a little leery of attempting one but it’s really not as hard as one would think. Heather and I decided to try and tackle one of our favorite designs using some super cute fabric, ribbons, wood, and some other materials....more