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let me start off with saying i’m not the type of girl who’s really into hair and make-up products. i never really learned how to do that stuff, and am pretty super low maintenance when it comes to that. i rarely wear any make-up at all, and usually only do my hair for special occasions. i have been “that girl” at work who’s hair is always in a ponytail. but as i hit 30, i realized that i want to start being more “grown-up” and have started incorporating some things into my non-existent beauty regime....more

Women Need 2 Blow Dryers

It may sound crazy, but many women really need to own two hair dryers, according to many beauty experts.  The dryers with ionic technology, which are in almost every store now, work great if you want a smooth, sleek hairstyle, but not so much if your style is more about having great volume and body.  If you switch your style up, you really need both an ionic dryer and one that is not ionic. Some newer models have a switch to turn ions on and off, but they are a bit more pricey....more

The Great Hair Debate Pt 3: The Hair Diaries

Why do we choose to go the route that we do with our hair ladies?  For Monica from LA, it’s economic feasibility. Monica tells us that she’s natural at the moment because “water and oil are cheap and easy to find.” Then, there’s Reshawn from VA who maintains that her processed hair is more manageable, “it cuts my time from 3 hours down to one and a half hours to do my hair,” she says. These are just two examples, but it definitely doesn’t stop there.  Check out what other women have to say about their hair stories....more

My Fashion Icon

Fashion is another passion of mine and when asked who my fashion icon is one particular name comes to mind, Blake Lively. Not only is she my fashion icon, but she is my over all celebrity role model....more

This Happy Blond Blew It...

I just read a timely blog about embracing grey hair on this site. Good blog... just not me. Embracing grey hair is like aging gracefully. Yeah…that’s not me either.  I see women all the time who look amazing with grey hair. Mine just shoot out in all directions. I would look like a brillo pad within six months of being stranded in an island with no peroxide in site.  When I say it was a timely blog it is becasue I have been in the midst of a hair crisis of my own. And when I say "crisis", I don't mean to imply that it is really a crisis....more

L'Oréal Professionnel Launch Perfume Mythic Oil Inspired by the Gardens of Babylon (2013) {New Fragrance} {Beauty Notes - Hair}

L'Oréal Professionnel have launched a new perfume called Mythic Oil, which is an extension of the eponymous hair-product line.  This is their debut fine fragrance destined to perfume both body and hair... ...more

The necessity of everyday beauty

My hair’s tricky. At least I think it is. I don’t have much, really. It’s fine and has a wave, but past a certain length it looks terrible. I don’t have a mane of hair like many of my friends do, complaining about the hours it takes for their hair to dry fully. Sisters, my hair, on its own, is dry in about 10 minutes....more

Balmain Silk Perfume (2013): New Heyday for Hair Perfume {New Fragrance} {Beauty Notes + Hair}

Balmain, the luxury fashion and fragrance house, have now entered the beauty market with a line of products for hair and skin making use of Argan oil, one of the most popular beauty ingredients these days. Among the collection is Silk Perfume, a fragranced mist for your hair......more

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