Beauty On a Budget: Getting luscious shiny hair

We all long for that gorgeous shiny hair and while spending so much money on products trying to achive it. I personally have probably tried almost every product out there from Pantene to Herbal Essence and nothing seemed to work on my hair. In the midst of spending so much on all of those products, i found something a little less costly and much more effective! It only consists of two ingredients and can be found right in your pantry at home!...more

Classic Beauty on the Red Carpet: Adele

This awards season you are getting to see even more of Adele. Normally you would only see her at the Grammys or Billboard Music Awards, but thanks to her killer pipes and James Bond, she is making appearances at the Golden Globes and the Oscars. While her look is pretty tame compared to the likes of Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry, Adele knows how to knock 'em dead with a few little details. Some fashionistas out there feel that she is playing it "too safe," but I like to look at as her knowing what works for her, and what doesn't. ...more
i love you!!!!:)more

Are You Intimidated By Your Hair Salon?

This afternoon I have to go to the hair salon to fix the haircut I got two weeks ago.  I've been going to the same hairstylist for about four years.  Yet, if I don't tell her every detail, about the exact same haircut I get everytime I see her, she doesn't cut my hair correctly....more

In the eye of the beholder?

It all started with four simple words from the soft-spoken young cashier at the grocery store as she rang through the eclectic assortment of foodstuffs I'd chosen to carry my husband and I through a quiet New Year's Eve at home. "I like your hair," she said shyly. ...more

Feminine Style for Very Special Occasions

Forget the gender wars and embrace your best feature: femininity. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, get girled out -- because when you're all woman, your confidence soars and people will smell it a mile away. I'm dusting off my copy of The Bombshell Manual of Style for this one. Trust me, follow the author's advice and you'll have the wolves howling at the moon. ...more

Off The Top of My Head

Tuesday, December 11, 2012We say to look good is to feel good.  Or is it, to to feel good is to look good?  My tendency is to believe the latter, but either way, when the looking is good, your hair is good-looking.  No way around it.  Whether it's because hair is top of the heap that is you, and frames your face and your eyes, the windows to your soul; cliches abound. When our hair looks good, so do we....more

Mayonnaise Treatment

Choose a shampoo.  Wash hair thoroughly.  Towel dry.  Apply about half a cup of  mayonnaise to hair;  you may use more or less depending on length.  Leave it on  for about 15 minutes.  This will give the mayonnaise time to fill in the cuticle  layer.  The smoothness will keep the hair from tangling when being brushed.   Rinse well and be sure to ...more

New Mom Goes Holiday Glam

Oh girls!! It's my first Christmas season as a mommy! I am going to be taking so many photos in the next few weeks. I want to have good memories of this time of year, and I want to look good in those photos! My everyday uniform is leggings and a hoodie or sweats and a tee. Hair: bun or two little girl braids. NOT sexy. ...more
I just love the bow!!!  I always get excited when I come across another lady who wears her hair ...more

Confessions Of A True Blond

Once my hair grew back after chemo was over, I decided to let it go au natural for once in my life. My hair dying days goes back many moons, to when I was 13 and used Sun-In. Prior to that, my cousin Barbara and I used pure squeezed lemon juice before we headed into the sun, and that worked so well that my mother was/is convinced that my hair lightens all by itself in the summer sunshine. I know there is some truth to that because I watch my kids go from blond to bleached blond every summer too....more
@KarenLynnn And a very big YAY to you, too, Amiga!more


I have been a hair designer for 25 years and have never come across stories about the things clients will say to you.......or funny things that happen at the salon.  For example....when I first started behind a chair, inexperienced, scared, nervous and worried, I had to show the girls I could do hair. Client #1.  Poor thing....more