Painting Calaveras: A Fun Dia de los Muertos Kids Activity

Tell me one person who's not excited to carve pumpkins to welcome Halloween? But leaving one out during a warm night in Florida spells bugs and an unfathomable smell for me and everyone else coming for a trick-or-treat visit. You might say that I can opt for a plastic-version but what's the fun in that for the kids? Besides, I personally hate anything plastic....more

Halloween Without the Trick-Or-Treating

Halloween bit the big one this year. And considering how I feel about the spooky holiday (I love it like a third child), this was enough to put me in a mini depression that could only be lifted by bite-sized Snickers and a package of pumpkin Peeps. (Yes, I said Peeps. Don't pollute my comment section with your disparaging Peep hate speeches. All candy has worth. Even Good & Plenty.)...more

The Mighty Minion

Minions were hot this past Halloween.We went to the Boo Fest Halloween soccer tournament in Sacramento, and saw lots and lots and lots of minions.  Mine was the best, hands down, and I am so totally not biased.  It's just a matter of objective fact.  Of course, she had the advantage of possessing that "Minion Personality" before she even donned the costume; those other minions, the ones who merely put on a persona, didn't stand a chance.  This minion was made for the role.  Which pretty much shines through, don't you think?...more

I Am Batman


Halloween Letdown

Halloween is finally over and I say, "thank goodness"....more


I can’t believe it’s November! It feels like the last couple a months just flew by.Halloween 2013...more

Halloween for Special Kids

Earlier in the week, I talked about the real monsters of Halloween, and the horrors our medically fragile kids endure year round. Today, before all the little goblins and gremlins come to your door, I urge you to think about a few things....more

Moment of the Week - Halloween

The girls had a great Halloween, this year. Here are some of the pictures!   ...more

How I Failed At Halloween

"How many more sleeps, Mommy?" she asked a hundred times.  "How many more sleeps until Halloween?" And I would count it out and tell her how long and tuck her in and kiss her face.  "I want to be Gollum," she told me.  "You know the scary guy from Lord of the Rings?  The one that says, 'my preshhhhh-issss' - I want to be him."...more

Why are Halloween costumes for girls/women so 'stripper like? Me no likey and neither did my girls

Halloween and overly sexualized costumesLast Year my youngest daughter was a zombie.This year she found a great 'underwater' looking long dress and painted her face herself to be a 'water nymph'.  (Age 10).She had a blast.My older daughter physically shuddered at some of the costumes in the stores this year (She's 11).Mom - am I seriously supposed to wear that??...more