Paddington Bear Costume

For Halloween this year I last minute through together a Paddington Bear costumeView Post...more

Top 4 Flavours for Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Hmm fall, this always means pumpkins! Roasting pumpkin seeds has always been one of things that just warms the heart: the smell, the crunch, and the tradition.Well I think it’s time to spice the flavour up! This year I tried 4 different kinds of flavour profiles for my pumpkin seeds....more

Hershey Park in the Dark

Remember how I told you that we were planning to go to Hershey Park in the Dark over the weekend? Well, we went and had an AMAZING time! I’m pretty sure Jack has inherited my love of roller-coasters, because we had to tear him away from the park at the end of the day....more

Donate Halloween Candy to Troops

Donate Halloween Candy to TroopsHave you spent that last 48 hours battling Halloween candy sugar spikes and lows? This week, donate Halloween candy to troops overseas and make someone's day a little sweeter. Like me, you probably know about dental office programs to buy back or swap Halloween candy for a treat or trip to the treasure box, but this Halloween our family will donate Halloween candy to troops overseas and stateside who are sure to enjoy a few sweets from us who are grateful and humbled by their service....more

Creativity + Disability = Awesome Halloween Costume

What's the point of Halloween if you can't be silly and laugh at yourself?...more

Great Pumpkin

Among the few things I still enjoy about Halloween is watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” on TV.  They usually run it a couple of times, but this year I had my wife record it on DVR so that I could watch it on the weekend when I knew I would have time to enjoy it properly.  I know that I could have watched in online, but it wouldn’t be the same experience as seeing it on a big screen TV with a bag of potato chips and a tall iced tea.  All in all, I suppose it’s become one of my guilty pleasures....more

Trick or Treat

I have never gone trick or treating before. My friend Sam and I tried last year only to have someone scold us that it's a little too late to be knocking on people's doors. It was 9 PM and their lights were on. I mean older ones have more guts staying up later to go collect candy on Halloween. Did I mention it was only 9 PM? Back in the Philippines, it's more customary to visit the dead than to go trick or treating. I didn't mind because it usually means I'll get to see my cousins, and spend time in the cemetery eating balut and drinking sago-gulaman. ...more

Four Things to Do with leftover Halloween Candy - If You Don't Have Kids

There can be too much of a good thing. My roommate and I don't have kids. But like good neighbors, we prepped well for Halloween trick-or-treaters and filled a ginormous bowl with chocolately, crunchety, jolly, and twizzlery sweet goodness....more

Halloween Snack Roundup

Happy Halloween!I don’t know how you all plan to celebrate, but we’re having a couple friends over to play games. Board or video, I’m not sure. I guess we’ll see how every one feels!...more