The Infinite Sadness of Halloween: When Kids Choose Their Own Costumes

I'm feeling like maybe I've done all of this parenting stuff wrong. Maybe every choice I've made, every time I've encouraged our two sons to embrace their individuality, brought me to this point of infinite sadness. I fear there's no going back, there's no hope for change or a bright future. Nope. I've ruined everything. ...more
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Hocus Pocus: History of Halloween, plus Costumes, Pumpkins, and Decorations

Fall is nearing an end (and winter is coming), setting the stage for Halloween. Time for trick-or-treating, costume parties, pumpkin carving, haunted houses, bobbing for apples, and bonfires.Here is a short history on Halloween, followed by a few ideas on Halloween costumes, decorations, crafts and treats....more

Holler for Halloween 365 days a year

Contrary to popular opinion, I find Halloween very annoying. It is the one day of the year that adults wear costumes, which had been shoved into the deep recesses of the closet only to be pulled out again 364 days later. Don't get me wrong. I love getting dressed up in unusual and fashionable get-ups as a matter of course. ...more

Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween costumes for women run the gamut from classy to sexy, and cute to playful....more

Halloween Costumes, My Nemesis: So We Meet Again

Halloween Costumes, My Nemesis: So We Meet AgainHow’s everyone doing with getting their kids’ costumes together this year? We ordered ours. Mostly. Trust me, there’s a good reason for that....more

Night of the Living Oblivious

Talk about going through the motions. Grown-ups never cease to amaze me, and not always in a good way. Last night we trick-or-treated with our kids for two hours in a Kid-friendly neighborhood where houses were decorated, pumpkins lined sidewalks, and some houses even had creepy music piped out into the street. It was everything a kid could want for Halloween....more
I LOVE those kind of costumes!  And Ben looks awesome!  I would've given him extra candy...just ...more

Kim Goes Blond For Halloween

Image Credit: DaveKotinsky/Getty ImagesThis is what Kim Kardashian wore to the 2nd annual Midori Green Halloween Party on October 27, 2012 in New York city. Mermaid look huh? Check out her blond hair. You like?...more

Good Will Halloweening

Anne KimballLife on the Funny Farm...more

A Big Fat Halloween Failure

So did anybody figure out what Tammy Tasteless here dressed her kids as on Halloween? ...more

Kablooey’s Annual Halloween Guide Part I

Are you curious to find out how costume companies devise their absurd sexist ideas for Slutobertfest, otherwise known as Halloween?                            ...more