4 Easy Last Minute Halloween DIYs

Aren't you sad that the Halloween themed posts are almost done?! :( I am! Although Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, I still love to be festive! Today I'm bringing you some quick and easy Halloween DIYs for your party, home, or just for your friends. ...more

friday favorites: all things scary edition

In honor of tomorrow being Halloween and all, let's get spooky today!And by spooky I mean not spooky at all, because spooky is scary, and scary is not fun.  Let's get Halloween-y today!There we go....more

Halloween Street: Daly Ave, Park City, Utah

Halloween in Park City, Utah, is not a holiday to be trifled with. Perhaps you remember the Halloween Hoards of 2013 or Halloween 2014: The Candy Apocalypse. Evidence of our Halloween enthusiasm is present throughout town, but for me, Daly Ave. in Old Town shines the brightest. Some homes are adorable and charming....more

A Scary-good Cocktail: The Halloweenie–tini

Ready for a great Halloween martini recipe?  Our festivities will start Friday, some friends are coming over for dinner and Steve will be introducing his new cocktail, the Halloweenie – tini. I will be warning our guests to indulge with caution, this one will creep up on you....more

5 Mommy Stages of Halloween

Like most holidays, preparation for Halloween falls on my plate. This is mainly because I LOVE any excuse to buy special outfits for the littles. Typically, by Memorial Day, I’ve been scouring Pinterest and Etsy for months in search of the perfect, unique sibling costumes. I order them and anxiously wait for the mailman to deliver the goods in 6-8 weeks. This year, because we are in the throes of Minion Mania, we went with something a little different: the littles are going to be Elves inspired by the Elf on the Shelf....more

Dark Chocolate & Coconut Ghost Cupcakes + 13 Healthy Halloween Treats

Healthier snacking is pretty much my blogging mission. Halloween is just an excuse to make healthy snacks in the shape of pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, and snacks within the orange and chocolate color scheme (yes chocolate is a color). An excuse to make snacks that aren't worth their weight in sugar, are fun, festive, and quite possibly fruity. ...more
I love the ghosts. But the coconut milk powder might be difficult to get access to in my area.more

all the Halloween feels

It's the Wednesday before Halloween. Two important things of which to take note: 1) We have not gone to a pumpkin patch yet2) ^^This means we have not carved a pumpkin yet...more

Wicked Witch Halloween Makeup Tutorial | Ashley Elizabeth Beauty

 This Wicked Witch Halloween makeup tutorial is easy and is a great option for any last minute costume ideas.  Throw on a pointed witches hat, add some black nail polish, grab a wooden broom and you are ready to go out!  The ways you can accessorize this look are endless. ...more

The Wake - Halloween 2015


Halloween Spider Cupcake How-To

With Halloween approaching, the kids and I have been having some fun in the kitchen. One of our favorite treats this time of year is these Halloween spider cupcakes. I’ve seen many variations of these cupcakes on my social media streams, and we ventured into them last year. They became an instant favorite for the kids.  ...more