Blessed Samhain

Blessed SamhainHappy November all, and I hope you had a wonderful Halloween and Samhain!I’m sure I’ve mentioned before how learning tarot has taken me in and out of witchy circles.  I didn’t mean to learn about witchcraft or paganism when I started learning about tarot, but I did.  Almost immediately I started picking things up from those that I looked to for tarot instruction.  Pretty soon I was actively looking for more information, piecing together tidbits of information, determining if they fit with the previously unnamed beliefs I’ve had for years.  Some didn’t.  Many did. ...more

"This is the best Halloween EVER!"- Jack

Day 2: "This is the best Halloween EVER!"- Jack Happy Halloween Halloween was deemed "the best Halloween ever" by Jack while out Trick or Treating on Thursday....more

Average Jane's Halloween

I've finally reached the age where my desire to participate in Halloween activities has certain limits. For example, I'm fine with parties but I don't want to wear a costume at work or anywhere else in public. I'll buy candy for trick or treaters at my office and in my neighborhood, but I don't want to cook anything with a Halloween theme.This year with Halloween falling on Thursday, Saturday was the big party day. My band had a gig at a bar that was having a costume party, so we all dressed in costumes as well....more
Heh. I love the dog sweater. :)more


Last year's Halloween was our first in this house and you know, we had absolutely no idea what to expect. First off, we were both relative newbies to Halloween treat-giving, since both of our previous homes had been located in places that didn't attract trick-or-treaters (we had none at our condo, and one - TOTAL - showed up at our door in all of the four years we lived in the townhouse!). As well, it was a rather difficult and melancholy time for us around Halloween last year. ...more

I Love Halloween!

I adore Halloween, and I seem to just see a lot of posts about people who don't like halloween.  And, don't get me wrong -- there is plenty to NOT like about Halloween -- the excess of Candy, and the pursuit of the excess of candy.  The gross and disgusting costumes.  How girls are sexualized so darn early with those gross costumes.  The dark and how some people really like tricking more than treats.  Those are all gross things.  Don't even get me started on the spirit store... Read more at ! ...more

Don't Spare The Spook - Ghoulish Graphic Novels To Get You Pumped for Halloween

I love Halloween.  The candy, the costumes, the creativity.  This year our store celebrated the Halloween ComicFest and I gathered up all our best reads in the horror category and made a giant display at the front of the store.  Here is a list of my top ten favorites....more
Denise No, I hadn't but I will now!  Thanks!  I just took a peek and it's right up my alley. :)more

Happy Halloween 2013!

I’m taking a break from Honeymoon recounts to wish you all the spookiest possible All Hallows Eve. Plus, on Day Three of the Honeymoon we mostly traveled by plane and train to Edinburgh, arriving too late to do any real touristy things. Although I did take a picture of an advertisement for electronic cigarettes using a meerkat that needed to be documented: ...more

Beat the Buldge This Halloween

   Many of us love Halloween, the fun costumes, crazy parties and the excitement your kids exude while they are trick or treating.  The vicarious joy has an unfortunate side effect howeve...more

Conversations with Charlie - Halloween

Yesterday I showed Charlie the cute Snoopy Halloween t-shirt I bought him to wear to school today.Me – Hey Charlie, come see the shirt I bought for you to wear to school for Halloween.Charlie - Wow! Cool, awesome! (pause) Hey, wait a minute, wha? I have to go to school on Halloween?!Me – uh, yeah. Why wouldn’t you go to school?Charlie – But, but it’s HALLOWEEN! It’s a holiday and you don’t go to school on holidays!...more
LOL I'm with him.more